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How to Upgrade Agility 3 to 3.2

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I want to begin by showing you how to upgrade from Agility Skin 3 to 3.2. We’re going to do it on my website, byobwebsite. The site is live and there’s nothing quite like doing something this big on a live site.

My ultimate test for Agility 3.2 for Thesis Theme 2.3 is if byobwebsite can run quickly and efficiently on it. My site is so large and complicated that if my site can do it then anybody’s site can. So that’s what we’re going to do.

No Direct Upgrade Path for Agility 2.2

But first, for those of you are still using Agility 2.2 there is not yet a direct upgrade path for you. The next release which will be 3.2.1 will be able to change the Agility 2.2 options into Agility 3.2 options so that the upgrade goes smoothly. Currently you would have to do a bunch of work in Skin Design to get your site back to where it was if you upgrade to Agility 3.2 from Agility 2.2. There is no direct upgrade yet but that is coming and I am working on it right now.

First Do a Backup of Skin Data

The first thing to do is come over to Thesis 2.3 and we’ll go to the Skin Editor. We’re going to backup the Skin data. I’m always surprised at how few people backup their Skin data. Come over here and we are going to create a backup. This would be “Before upgrade to 3.2”. That way if everything goes haywire, I can always get back to where I was.

Do the Upgrade

That backup is now made so I’m going to come back over to Thesis home and I’m going to go to the Skin Manager. In Manage Skins and we’re going to 3.1.3 which I’ve never made public but I gave it to a couple of people. Then we can update it. Now we’re going to return to Thesis.

Now you can see it says 3.2 but then it’s got the data here just reload again. It’s caching the old image. This has confused people in the past. So, open image in a new tab. There it is now that I refreshed it. There’s Agility 3.2 now that we reloaded it’s going to have lost its cache.

Update Display Options

If you never upgraded to Agility 3.1 then you’re going to want to come over here and go the Skin Content. If you’re upgrading to Agility 3.1 it’s no big deal but if you’re still using Agility 3.0 just come over to Skin Content and hit Display Options.

That’s going to take some values from Agility 3 and translate them into Agility 3.2 values. Then you’re going to come over here to Skin Design. It doesn’t matter which design options you save, you just save one of them so that it regenerate the CSS file. All my styles are still there.

Restore Defaults to Update Skin CSS

There’s one last thing to do and that is to go back over to your Skin Editor and go to the Data Manager. Click restore defaults and uncheck everything except for Skin CSS. Or you could have Skin CSS and CSS variables but everything else should be unchecked and restore the selected defaults.

If you don’t do this it’s not going to have a big effect on you but by doing it you take advantage of a little bit of optimization that I’ve done to Skin CSS. Once you’ve done that you are now truly updated and that’s all there is to do to upgrade from Agility 3 or 3.1 to Agility 3.2.

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