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HTML – Description of the Thesis Core Boxes

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Now we are going to take a look at the core Thesis 2.3 boxes. We’ve got essentially core containers, core placeholders, and core skin content boxes.

Core Containers

Your core containers are, of course, first the HTML container. Then if you look here in the list the comment form is a core container. The comment list is a core container. Both of these, like the post box, are parents that have children inside of them.

The post box is a core container. The post list is also a core container. You are only going to see the post list if you are in the Home template, an Archive template or a custom template. You won’t see it in the Single template because it’s not applicable.

Then you also have the query box which are are going to spend some time on today. This and trackbacks are also core boxes.

Most of these core container boxes have children in them. And those children end up being content placeholders.

Core Content and Skin Content Placeholders

Then you have core content placeholders like comment navigation, widgets, the nav bar and site title, site tagline are all core placeholders.

Then the core skin content is just the text box and the attribution.

That’s the rough summary of the boxes in those categories.

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