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How to Create a Landing Page in Thesis 2 & Agility

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Part 1 – Anatomy of a Landing Page

What I’m going to do now is show you how to create a landing page for your WordPress website. We’re going to work off of the landing page here on this website, formstack: This is their diagram of the perfect landing page right here.

What Makes a Landing Different from Other Pages

Now, what makes a landing page different than any other page? The purpose for a landing page really is to focus a visitor’s attention on a specific action that you want them to take.

Sometimes people call this a squeeze page but a squeeze page is generally a more specific kind of landing page. They call it a squeeze page because they squeeze the email address out of you. You wouldn’t refer to a sales page as a squeeze page but a sales page may very well be a landing page.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page essentially is a simple page with a specific purpose. It removes all the clutter and all the distractions and focus the viewer’s attention on doing a specific thing. So generally speaking, what you’re doing is you’re removing the majority of the links off of your page and there is one specific thing they can do.

In this case, it’s “DO IT NOW! Click Here” right? This is clearly the one thing that you want them to do when they land on this landing page.

It includes a potentially smaller logo, it may include a much smaller, more abbreviated menu. Its headline is a much bigger feature and then its focus is on getting people to do one thing which is to respond to this by clicking there.

Notice that there’s no footer down here, there’s no typical sidebar, none of that kind of typical element exists in this page. Again the specific job of this page is to get you to sign up or to do a specific thing here.

2 Comments… add one
2 comments… add one
  • Christoph Fassler May 26, 2014, 1:02 am

    Hi Rick,
    just a short feedback! I’m absolutely new to WP and BYOB, i became a member here a couple of days ago. You and your product is BY FAR the best out there. It’s amazing what i was able to accomplish with your help and just a short thank you for sharing your expertise with us. It’s worth every cent and i would note hesitate to become a member again!
    Thank you very much,

    • Rick Anderson June 14, 2014, 11:14 am

      Thanks for the kind words Chris. I’m delighted that you are getting benefit from this.