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How to Create a Landing Page in Thesis 2 & Agility – Part 3 – Add Styling to the Main Structural Elements

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We’re not too far away from a completed Landing Page in Thesis 2 but we’ve got a couple of things that are a little weird. First off, we don’t have our small menu here so I need to go put this small menu in and then secondly, we’ve got to adjust some stuff here and give ourselves some padding. I think, div class=”columns 2″, half, I guess my 516 wasn’t the right dimension for this.

Let’s just take a quick look, 516 is the iframe width but those are 12 and 12, 516, so this should actually be 516-24 which would be 498 so, we’ll come back over here and let’s just get that 498.

Come back over to the Skin Editor, let’s go to that Landing Page Header again, Nav Menu and then the Landing Video is going to be a little smaller. So we’ve got a small logo, we’ve got a menu, we’ve got a video and we’ve got a call to action here, a bit of text, let’s see what we can do to get rid of some of that extra stuff on top of there.

We’re going to want to reduce the top heading in our h2s on our landing page, so if our top margin on our landing page…here we go and then we have our other stuff that needs to happen here.

We’ll come back over and take a look at this, we don’t have our big heading here yet and then we’ve got these two things that we need to add down here and then we need to do some styling.

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