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How to Create a Landing Page in Thesis 2 & Agility – Part 5 – Add the Secondary Content

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Now that we’ve got the title added to our Landing Page in Thesis 2, what we want to do is add those other 2 pieces to it. Notice how the video content doesn’t go to the bottom of the regular content? So what I want to do is make sure that this bottom content starts evenly.

Add New Columns to Main Content Column

To do that I’m going to create a whole new set of columns. So we got our Landing Main Content Column, now we’re going to have the same kind of thing except it’s going to be secondary.

So we’re going to create a column wrapper and it’s going to be Landing Secondary 2 Column and then a column, Landing Secondary Left and then another column, Landing Secondary Right. We’ll shift drag that right into there, the left into there, we’ll shift drag the Secondary Column up here into the Content Area Page and then we’re going to drag them down to here.

Use Query Box to Add a Featured Page

Now, I’m going to add one thing to this. I’m going to add an ID, landing_secondary. It’s going to have 2 columns equally sized and then Landing Left will have half a column, Landing Right will have half a column.

In Landing Left, we’re going to add a query box and we’re going to use a query box to add a featured page essentially so we’ll take our Landing Featured Page and one more, Landing Featured Post. We’ll drag those up, put the Featured Post on the right, put the Featured Page on the left.

I’m going to drag Author, we’re going to have Headline and Excerpt there and then we’re going to take one Thumbnail Image and drop it here and then we’ll create one more Agility Featured Image, Thumbnail Image.

We’ll drag that to there and then we are picking the thumbnail. It’s going to left aligned, it’s going to link to the post, save the template and then I think all we have to do is go add styling. No, I haven’t configured those query boxes yet.

Configure the Query Boxes

So now, let’s configure the Featured Page. What we’re going to do is pick a page to display and we’re going to pick examples of our Finished Projects. It’s only going to be a Single Page.

I don’t think we’re going to need to worry about this, actually I’m just going to grab one of these houses for a moment because I don’t think that actually has a featured image so East Side Craftsman Home, that has a featured image and then we’ll come down to the Featured Post and this is going to be Posts and we’re going to show one post.

My mistake, Single Pages again, this will be the West Seattle View Home so now we have 2 featured pages, we save that template. Definitely I wasn’t mistaken, let’s link this to the headline and let’s make it an h2. Let’s link this to the article and make it an h2, save that, refresh this.

So I’m going to have to set up a featured image for this because I don’t actually have one. Not that one, there we go so that would be that featured image. The other one was the West Seattle View Home which also didn’t have a featured image set up so, we’ll set that featured image, there we go.

Now we can come back and look at our Landing Page, there we go. So, we have the beginnings of having this laid out. In any case, what we really have short of styling is a completely different page layout for this. Now, the only thing that is left for us to do really is for us to style this so that it looks the way we want.

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