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Setup the Call to Action Link

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We’ve just finished setting up the content area for the landing page in Agility and it’s kind of hard to see the structure here at the moment. Here’s a place where our videos are going to go and here’s the place where content and our call to action are going to go.

This default call to action setup is kind of big here so we’re going to start by changing that and then working our way through the rest of the landing page content.

Choose a Configuration for Call to Action Area

Let’s come back over here to the Skin Content Options. You can see our Video Landing Call to Action here. Let’s choose that. We have a variety of different configurations that we can choose from but we’re going to choose from short and wide. Tall and wide gives you heading and action text but short and wide just gives you a little bit of action text.

Let’s save our options now and reload this. You’ve got this little bit of “Be sure to create some good call to action text” and then Do It Now! Button. This is exactly what it is really intended to do, what you see over here in the Formstack article on creating a landing page: do it now…click here. It’s a little bit of text with a button beside it. That’s what the short and wide version does.

Let’s me take a look at her design and see what she really wants us to say. Okay, in the Formstack article that’s number six so she wants number 5 to be FIX IT NOW! and then click here! So call to action is Fix It NOW and then the link text will be Click Here.

Add URL Link

Then the only other thing we need is the URL that this is going to link to. We need to go back over here and the your opt-in page because what she wants to do is to link it over to her opt-in page. There are lots of different ways to do this but in this case we’re going to link it off too… well, she it seems she hasn’t created that yet. So, let’s just create an opt-in page.

That’s not really a good name for an opt-in page but on the other hand it doesn’t really matter because she can change this for all of her opt ins however she’d like. We’re just trying to find a URL to link to.

So we put the URL in of one of her opt in pages there and we save this option. Come back over here and reload this. So now she’s got a Fix It NOW Click Here which takes her over the opt-in page.

So a nice and straightforward process. Next we are going to add the video and text to the landing page in Agility 3.

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