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Customizing Templates in Agility 3 for Thesis 2

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In this seminar we discuss how to use the advanced tools in the Agility Skin to customize the arrangement and layout of various templates. Agility’s responsive columns system allows you to reconfigure the structure of your templates while still retaining the responsiveness. In other words, your web pages still look good in a mobile device. We then show you many examples of how to change the structure of your templates.

Make a 2 Column Video Feature Box in Agility 3

Understanding the Agility 3 Responsive Column System

Reuse Existing Agility Content Grid Boxes in Other Templates

Make a 2 Column Call To Action in Agility 3

Add Thesis Email Box in a Call To Action in Agility 3

Make the Front Page 2 Columns in Agility 3

Create a 3 Column Template in Agility 3

How to Put the Sidebar on the Left in Agility 3

Working with the Easy Header and Content Grid Sections in the Skin Editor

Add a New Full Width Section to Any Template in Agility 3

How to Add a Fluid Grid Style Layout with a Query Box in Agility 3

Add 3 Rows of Posts with a Single Query Box in Agility 3

Layout the Front Page Template in Agility 3 with Multiple Query Boxes

Further Divide Columns Using the Responsive Sub Columns System

Survey of Boxes in Agility 3

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1 comment… add one
  • Pierre Cote June 17, 2015, 6:04 pm


    What can I say Rick ? Agility 3, is an amazing piece of work. Félicitation.