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Customizing Templates in the Carta Skin for Thesis – Part 3 – Make a 2 Column Feature Box in Carta

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So the next thing that we are going to do in this Customizing Templates in the Carta Skin for Thesis 2 seminar is to make a 2 Column Feature Box here. Right now it’s a 1 column feature box.

This Feature Box only exists on the Front Page so what we have to do is come over to the Skin Editor and go to the Front Page template. You can see the Feature Box, here’s the Carta Column Wrapper for the feature box, here’s the Carta Column.

Create a Backup of the Template

The first thing that we are going to do with this actually is to make a backup copy of this Front Page. The way we do that is to come over here and create a Custom template called Front Page backup. Create the template and then copy the Front Page to it. This way we can get back to the Front Page quickly and easily if we end up inadvertently deleting something that we didn’t mean to delete.

Add Another Column and Change Widths

With our Front Page backed up we’ll switch back to the Front Page. Let’s come down to our Feature Box. Note that we have to reconfigure the Feature Box so that it is 2 Columns. We’re going to make them 2 Columns, one two thirds width and the other one third width. So, Feature Box Column, we’re going to make 2/3 of the width.

Then over here, we come back down to Carta Column and we’ll call it Feature Box Right Column. It’s going to be one third of the width of the wrapper. Let’s drag that into this and then move it down because it’s two thirds – one third.

Add Content to the Columns

Now that we’ve done that, we need to add some content to this. And what I’m going to add here is to add that featured content. I’m going create a new Query Box and this Query Box is going to be Feature Box Query Box and I think we’re good with all of that.

Feature Box Query Box, shift+drag that into the Feature Box Right Column and then I’m going to get rid of the Edit and the Author. I’m going keep the Excerpt although I’m going to do that with it. I’m going make the Headline H2 and link it to the article page. Then I’m going to add a Read More, so my Carta Read More button. This is going to be Feature Box Read More. We’ll do that as a p and drag that and drop it into the Query Box.

Review the Feature Box and Make Changes

Let’s save this template and see what it looks like now. Okay, it needs to be configured. In fact, I am going to give it a class of submit for the Read More. Then, we’ll come back over to our Skin Content and Feature Box Read More and I’m going to say Sign Up Now!

Then under my Skin Content, again the Featured Box Query Box is going to show a Page and the page is going to show Have a Cuppa. Save that and now we have a call to action here and then all we need to do is add a widget to the Widget Area.

But first I want to come over to the Front Page and copy the Front Page backup back to it. Note that we will still need to come to the Featured Box and reset this so it’s one column, it’s a single column and I’ll set that single column to be full width. There we go. We’ll just come back over here to the main header and Site title and tagline. Now I’m back to sort of our normal situation here.

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