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Customizing Templates in the Carta Skin for Thesis – Part 7 – Make a Full Width Feature Box in Carta

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Now that I’ve shown you how to make a full width width area in the Carta Skin for Thesis 2 the next thing that we’re going to do is make a full width feature box here. We’re going to make a full width feature box so that it is also outside of the span of the page content. I’ll sit above, right here.

In this context, it’s remarkably simple because we’ve already created a full width header and so all we have to do is come down and open up our feature box widget area here. Shift+drag it. It’s going to be, oh let’s see. I think we’ll just shift+drag an HTML Body and then drop it down there. Then we can move our feature box over to the library. Then we need to make this thing actually have full width content in it so that means choosing a different slider.

Then we come over here to the Meteor Slides Widget and we choose the full width slideshow instead and hit save. Then come over here and you can see that we’ve got the new full width slideshow playing here. We still have our page width content here and if we go over to a different page, of course we don’t have that anymore.

But now you’ve got the full width page or the full width container. But if you want to go back to a page width element up here again what we can do is in this Header here. Oh, it’s got the id of header. We can give it a class of page_wrapper and then come over to our Header Area and take out style-4.

Now we have this main header area sitting here and of course we need to give ourselves a little top and bottom margin and stuff like that yet. But we have our main page header element up here and then we have our page element there. Then we come over to a regular page and it’s back to normal.

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