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Develop a Front Page Layout Using Thesis 2 Query Boxes – Part 1 – What is a Query Box?

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Good morning everybody and welcome to this special session. Ordinarily we do live Q&A this time on Wednesday mornings but I’ve had a number of questions arise recently about query boxes. So we’re expanding the scope of the Q&A session today and we’re going to talk about query boxes and what query boxes can be used to accomplish.

Query boxes really are the secret weapon of Thesis 2.1. It’s amazing what you can accomplish using query boxes but before we get into that I want to start off with a description of what a query box is.

Examples of Using Query Boxes to Display Content

A query box is something that can be used to display content from posts, pages or custom post types. For an example let’s come over to this site based on my Carta skin. The attention boxes here are created using query boxes.

Query boxes are also the tool that is used on this Social Trigger skin in this member’s blog. He’s got this whole area right here that is created uses them. It’s built into the Social Trigger skin and it’s the feature box but the content is placed here using a query box.

This website here is another member’s website and each one of these things is a query box. Once you click on one of them it links off to his specific page, whatever the page happens to be here.

Essentially the query box gives you the ability to display various types of content. One of the things we’re going to talk about this morning is what I did using query boxes on the skin I’m teaching. These are query boxes, these are query boxes and these are query boxes. Each area uses exactly the same tool. They look different because they’re configured differently and because they have different CSS associated with them but they’re all query boxes.

This is another member’s site and this is a remake of his homepage. This is going to be remade using query boxes for each of these things. Each one of these things and all of these featured content areas are developed using query boxes. As you can see query boxes can do a lot of different things and you’re going to see that today.

Basically, with query boxes there are two questions. The first question is, “What post content do you want to display?”. The second question is, “What elements of that post do you want to display?”. Thesis 2.1 gives you complete control over all of those things.

Somebody asked me this morning “Do I think Thesis is dead?”. Of course, I don’t think Thesis is dead. Thesis has really very powerful elements and query boxes are one of the most fundamentally powerful elements with this ability to control what shows up on the page. Most WordPress users have to resort to widgets and those are much less flexible than query boxes.

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