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How to Display Testimonials in Thesis 2.1 Using Custom Post Types & Taxonomies – Part 1 – Create the Testimonial Custom Post Type

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Today we’re going to answer the question of how to display testimonials in Thesis 2.1 using standard Thesis 2.1 tools and a couple of BYOB Website boxes.

Example Site for Ways of Displaying Testimonials

This site here is a good example because it’s got a couple hundred testimonials. It’s more complicated than what we’re going to talk about here but we’ve got a slider here using the BYOB BX Content Slider box that’s sliding through testimonials.

Then we have a whole list of testimonials. And we have testimonials that are based on certain kinds of clients, for example, a finance client may have some testimonials. And then if you click on that finance client, you can actually read the testimonial. Plus we have other testimonials from finance clients showing up here.

In fact, these testimonials have different classifications so we’ve got the type of client that is in the industry sector that he’s in. Then we also have the type of service that they’re translating, and because this was a translation service we have other related testimonials based on the kind of service that was provided.

There are a couple of different standards by which we are displaying relevant testimonials, related testimonials and testimonials that are relevant to the page that somebody is viewing.

Replace Testimonial Plugin with Thesis’ System

So that’s what we’re going to demonstrate here today. It’s going to require you to assemble a couple of different tools. In fact, I’m going to do this on my BYOB Website Sandbox site just for fun. So we’re going to come over to, which is a site I’m using to redevelop BYOB Website using Thesis 2.1.

I haven’t made very much progress with it unfortunately, but if we come over and take a look at Member Testimonials here, these testimonials are created using a plugin. So, what we’re going to do is use Thesis’ system for doing this instead of this plugin.

Use Types Plugin

We’re going to start that process off by logging in. We’re going to install a plugin called Types for custom fields and custom post types management. We’ll install Types, activate the plugin and then really, step 1 in this process is to create the testimonial post type.

Create New Testimonial Post Type

So, I’m going to create a new custom post type and the name is going to be Testimonials and the custom post type singular is Testimonial. And the slug which is all lowercase, no spaces, you can have underscores or hyphens but we’re just going to say testimonials. Then we’re going to come down here and we’re going to make this type public, which means it’s going to show up in the menu over here.

We’ll leave Menu position and Menu icon alone for the moment. And we’re not going to add any taxonomies to it at the moment. These are all taxonomies that I’ve created that exists on the site.

In terms of its Display Sections, we’re going to have a Title and Editor. We won’t have Comments or Trackback. We’ll include Revisions, include an Excerpt, Thumbnail, custom-fields and for the time being we will not include page-attributes. If you want to specify an order then you would include page-attributes but we’re not going to do that.

Under Advanced, we’re going to rewrite it using the normal WordPress URL logic. And in this case, we do want to have an archive, it’s not going to exclude it from search and it’s not going to be hierarchical at this point. It can’t be exported. And actually, I don’t think we want it to show up in nav menus so we’ll take it out. Then it’s not going to have either of these things so we’re just going to save custom post type.

Add a Testimonial Using the Thesis System

Now, you’ll see over here on our list we have Testimonials and then we go to Add New. In fact, I’m just going to open up my Testimonial Manager. This is the plugin that I’m actually using which doesn’t exist anymore, I just keep it live and…I think I’m going to use Sammy Bright. The image that’s being used here is /wpcontent/uploads/2010/12/sammy-headshot-t.jpg.

I need to be able to find it in my Media library. So, I found that and I’m going to come back over to my Testimonials and Add New, and first set the featured image and I’m going to look in my Media library and I’m going to look for Sammy Bright because I have literally, thousands of images in the Media library.

There’s Sammy so I’m going to select it and I’m going to set the featured image. I think that’ already set there. I’m going to take this section of his testimonial and I’m going to make that my headline, so I love the way you teach, make that my title.

Then I’m going to take all the rest of his…let’s switch to the visual view for a second, copy that. Come back over to the Add Testimonial, paste it so now I have a testimonial with a title, “I love the way you teach” with that and we can publish it.

Now we’ve got our first testimonial, and if we come over here to testimonials, just like posts or pages, now you can see, here’s our first testimonial “I love the way you teach”. Okay?

Next we’re going to set up testimonial taxonomy using the Types Plugin.

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