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How to Display Testimonials in Thesis 2.1 Using Custom Post Types & Taxonomies – Part 2 – Create a Testimonial Type Custom Taxonomy

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Now that we’ve got our custom post type created and added a Testimonial in Thesis 2.1, we’re going to set up a Testimonial Taxonomy. We’re going to come back to the Types plugin again and select custom types and taxonomies.

Add New Taxonomy for Testimonials

I’m going to add a new taxonomy and then we’ll call it Testimonial Types and then the slug will be testimonial-type. It’s going to appear and we’re going to edit the Page and Testimonial. Then we’ll go ahead and leave the rest of this stuff alone.

At the moment, we’re going to make it flat which is fine. We’re going to leave these check boxes all the way they are. We’re going to go ahead and show the Admin Column also in that case then save the taxonomy.

Edit Testimonial to Add Testimonial Type

Now if we look under the Testimonials up here, you can see we’ve got Testimonial Types. I’m actually going to come back to my Sammy Bright testimonial and I’m going to edit it. And under Testimonial Types, just like adding tags, I’m going to say Business Owner and update that.

Review the New Templates Created

Now just for grins, if we come over and look at Thesis and go to the Skin Editor, you’re going to see we have some new templates. Under Single, we have Testimonial and under Archive, we have Testimonial Type and we have Testimonials.

The Testimonials one will display all of our testimonials and the Testimonial Type is like a category archive page, it will display all of the business testimonials or whatever. So now we have our taxonomy set up and we’ve got some templates for displaying that.

Next we’re going to add some Custom Post Meta using the Types Plugin.

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