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How to Display Testimonials in Thesis 2.1 Using Custom Post Types & Taxonomies – Part 6 – Display a List of Testimonials Using a Query Box

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We now have our Testimonial Template and our Testimonial Archive Page setup for displaying testimonials in Thesis 2.1 using Custom Post Types and Taxonomies. Now let’s look at displaying these testimonials on a page.

Add a Query Box to Display Testimonials on a Page

Let’s say we come over to a page. Here we are on a page so let’s edit the page template and add a query box and we’ll just call this Testimonial Typical Query Box, in this case we’ll make it Review. Use automatically-generated WordPress post classes and say okay to that.

Let’s open up our Content Area, Content Area Page, Typical 2 Column Content, Main Sidebar, drag our query box into there and save the template. Then under Thesis and Skin Content, we can adjust this Testimonial Typical Query Box and instead of Posts, it’s going to display Testimonials. It could display Recent Testimonials. We could let it go with that and hit save.

Review the Page

If we go take a look at the site and go to that page, now we have these two query boxes set up. And again, obviously, you set up these query boxes up in exactly the same way you set up the posts query box.

Style the Query Boxes Display

So again, you can come back over here to that…let’s see, Testimonial, back over to the Page, I do have a page template already up? I do. So, open up the Query Box. Headline so let’s make that a “p” tag. Let’s link it to there.

We’ll take out Author and Edit, and you can add a Featured Image, and it would be a tiny thumbnail, left with text wrap. Let’s bring it up above the excerpt and let’s save template there.

Now we have a different configuration with that, right? Obviously, you’re going to need to an extra styling here in order to make these all fit together. Having said that, we’ve got a couple of testimonials here showing up.

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