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How to Display Testimonials in Thesis 2.1 Using Custom Post Types & Taxonomies – Part 8 – Question and Answer

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Rick: Okay, so I’m now going to open this up for questions and I’m just going to open it up to Caroline first since she’s the person who asked that question. Hi Caroline, I just unmuted your microphone.

Caroline: Hi Rick.

Rick: So, I know this is kind of a long awaited answer but did that get to what you were looking for?

Caroline: It did but I’m going to be interested too when this gets posted, probably re-watching it again so I get some of the issues nailed down more clear in my head. I mean, it was clear enough but it’s just it’s new concept for me.

Rick: Right.

Caroline: So, it will definitely get to where I would like to go.

Rick: Well, what’s not necessarily explicit in this demonstration is that these concepts can apply to any content management system. So you know, we’re applying it to testimonials but you could use it easily, let’s say you’re a manufacturer and you’ve got product specs sheet for your product or you’ve got extended discussions about your product. So then you’ve got related products, you could easily use a post type like this and a taxonomy to create this sidebar that would say, related products or spec sheets for this product, or something like that.

Caroline: Right.

Rick: In the London Translation site, we used this for these optin boxes that is translation customers see the Translation Without Tears and interpreting customers saw Interpreting Without Tears also, but it shows a different optin, or it shows a context-sensitive optin.

Caroline: Yes, it’s a very powerful concept because you can do it, I mean I can see the possibility to use it in so many things.

Rick: Right. So this will be up. I am going to teach a class in creating a more complex custom CMS. I might do it with the old church library one that I did way back when, because I have all the data for that. It doesn’t really matter what the context is, what really matters is the concept of setting up a custom post type, setting up custom taxonomies and setting up custom post meta and then using those in Thesis templates.

Caroline: Well thank you for doing this because it’s definitely made it easier for me to start getting my hit around the concept of how to pull that together.
Rick: Yeah. And hopefully this seminar will be up sometime close to the same time next week and in time for you to start playing around with it.

Caroline: That’s fine. That’s fine, I’ve got plenty to do on the site so that’s fine.

Rick: Okay.

Caroline: Thank you very much for doing this.

Rick: You bet. Any questions regarding it?

Caroline: I’m sure I will have some but right now I don’t know what they are.

Rick: Okay, no problem

Caroline: Yeah, thank you.

Rick: You’re welcome. Have a good day.

Caroline: Thank you, you too.

Rick: Bye, bye.

Okay, so anybody else have a question here? I’m just going to leave it up in here for just a minute for questions and then otherwise, I’ll call it a day here.

This system combines inherent Thesis functionality and inherent WordPress functionality. I think it’s pretty compelling actually, there’s all kinds of stuff you can add to this.

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