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How to Display Testimonials in Thesis 2.1 Using Custom Post Types & Taxonomies – Part 5 – Setup the Testimonial Post Type Archive Page

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We just got the Testimonials Template configured to display the testimonials in Thesis 2.1 how we want. Now let’s take a look at our testimonials archive page and we only have one testimonial because that’s all we set up so far. Obviously we want to create a couple of other testimonials. And I want to do that before we configure the Template Archive Page.

Add Testimonials with a Different Type

So we’d come over here and say add new. The we’ll go back to Manage here in my old testimonials plugin and for these testimonials, let’s find another one with…let’s look for a recent one.

Okay, so we’ll use Charlotte here. Charlotte is a web designer. I’m going to use “Your tutorials make everything clear and easy” as the title. We’re going to open that image in a new tab, see what it is. Okay, so Charlotte is the name of the file that we’re looking for.

Let’s go back to the media library to get the image and we’ll search for Charlotte. What happens if we view the attachment page? Well that’s just choking isn’t it? Save image as, Charlotte. Okay, so we’re going to add a new testimonial.

First, I think I’m going to take some liberties with it actually just to create some different examples here. Add new testimonial. Title is “Your plugin was EXACTLY what I needed without all the headaches!” and then we’re going to set the featured image. Upload the file, select the files and we’re looking for Charlotte, there we go. Okay, she’s a much smaller image, unfortunately. This is one of the issues you’ll have to deal with images but we’ll set the featured image.

Then we’ll add our content. That is the content. We’ll come down to our testimonial details. So that’s her name. Her website name is that. Her URL is this and then over here in the testimonial type, we’re going to say Web Designer, okay add that. So that’s the type of testimonial she is and then publish this.

Now if we refresh this we have Charlotte and Sammy. If we look at Charlotte, we have the standard Charlotte version with Charlotte Siems and with that.

Configure the Testimonials Archive Page

Now that we have some more testimonials to work with, let’s set up the testimonials archive page so that it looks the way we want it to work. So we’re going to come over here and click to edit this. Open up our Content Area and Content Area Page.

Thesis doesn’t have a way to really set up Archive Intro and Archive Content for a custom post type archive, so instead of that what we’re going to do is drag out Archive Title, drag out Archive Content and create a new text box.

Now we’re going to call this Testimonial Post Type Archive Title and say okay to that. We’ll shift+drag that into Archive Intro and we may need to give it a class yet but then we’re going to come down to Home Post Box and Post Heading again we’re going to shift+drag Categories out, Date out, Author out.

We’re going to shift+drag out Number of Comments and then we’ll come down and drop those things back into the tray. In fact, I think I’m going to take Thumbnail Image up here and drag it over there. Instead of using the thumbnail image, I’m just going to use the WP Featured Image, and then in this case I have a tiny thumbnail. Left with text wrap, link image to post.

This headline is an H2, will link to the post, this excerpt, okay. Then the other thing I’m going to do is just go ahead and add those Testimonial Name Meta, Testimonial URL and Testimonial Website Name to the Post Heading like that. Save it.

And then Testimonials. No. Let’s see. A plugin is interfering with it a little bit. Okay, oh I need to add that stuff to the archive box but now we’ve got this “Your plugin was EXACTLY what I needed without all the headaches!”, our read more, this links off.

Let’s change that testimonial text box. Go to Skin Content, and then Testimonial Post Type Archive Title, and then we’ll just say opening h1 class=”archive_title” Our Testimonials closing h1, disable automatic “p” tags for this text box, let’s see what it looks like now. Our Testimonials.

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