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How to upgrade from Thesis 1.x to Thesis 2 Using the Thesis Classic Skin – Part 15 – Add Sitewide Custom Code

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Now we’re moving on to adding some site-wide custom code for our newly upgraded Thesis 2 site. We can actually do the same thing here to our breadcrumbs that we did when we working on the Front Page Template in the last part of this series. Let’s copy this and come back over to custom.php and paste that.

Adding the Breadcrumbs to our Thesis 2 Site

This is the breadcrumbs and the only place I don’t want the breadcrumbs is on the front page so if it’s not the front page then do this.

Now, the only thing that’s wrong with this is the hook and we don’t even necessarily have the hook in place for this yet so if we want it, not in our content area actually, we’d want it in container. I guess what we’ll do is we’ll just call this breadcrumb so there’s our new hook name and remember that it’s going to create a hook before the container, a hook after the container, a hook top and a hook bottom.

We’re going to use top and bottom so we’ll come back over to our function then I’m just going to paste it here in this breadcrumb. Okay so thesis_hook_bread_crumb_top and thesis_hook_bread_crumb_bottom, get rid of that syntax there, save the file, upload the file, save the template and refresh our page. Now, it shouldn’t show up here because this is the front page but as soon as we go to a catalog page, it does show up.

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