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How to upgrade from Thesis 1.x to Thesis 2 Using the Thesis Classic Skin – Part 4 – Select the Skin Version that is Closest to What You are Doing

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Thesis Classic Skin Default

Now we want to install a version of the skin that is closest to the one that we are creating for this Thesis 2 upgrade. As you will learn, the default format for the Thesis Classic Skin is this – it’s a page layout with two columns with your content column on the left and your sidebar on the right.

This is pretty close to what we want except that I’m using a Full Width Framework instead. I have created another resource for the public to use. Come over to Thesis Theme 2.0 and look at the Free Thesis Classic Skin versions so you can see what I’m talking about. Here is a free version of every form of the Thesis Classic Skin. I’ve got a video here showing you how to install them but we’re going to go through the process of installing this one.

Using the Classic Thesis Full Width Framework Layout

The first set is the Page Framework versions and the second set is the Full Width Framework versions. I’m using the Full Width Framework version and I’m going to pick the Full Width Thesis Classic 2 column layout with the content column on the left. I’m just going to right click on this and say, Save Link As and hit save. Make sure you do not change the name of this, it’s got to retain that name.

Once you’ve done that, come back over to your Thesis Skin Editor, go to the Skin Manager and select Import Skin Data. Choose the file then choose that file that you just downloaded which was entitled, thesis-classic-2012-11-09-14-55.txt, that was the one I just downloaded.

We’re going to open that, import the data. Recognize that when you import this data, it overwrites any customization you may have already done. We’ll go ahead and import that data. Now, what we have is completely different version of the Thesis Classic Skin. Let’s refresh this.

We really need to get to the canvass on this. Okay, there’s our canvass. So that’s what this thing looks like now and it looks pretty much the same except, it has a Header Area, Content Area and Footer Area with Header Area Page and all the rest of that. It’s got the Classic Thesis Full Width Framework layout.

Where Are Skins Located on the Site?

Susie asks, where are those skins. You can find those skins under Member Benefits, Skins for Thesis Theme 2.0. The one we’re looking at right now is the Free Thesis Classic Skin versions.

Skin Manager vs Thesis Editor for Uploading Skins

Brandon is noting a problem with the installation but I think Brandon, what you’re trying to do is upload a txt file using a zip file format and it doesn’t work that way. If you are using the Skin Manager and you’re importing skin data, that has to be the txt file. If you’re in the Thesis Editor and you’re in the Select Skin, you have to select Upload Skin and that is a zip file.

If you try to upload the txt file here, you’re going to get that error. You can’t use this Upload Skin to install a Thesis Classic Mod onto a Thesis Classic Skin.

Dragging Widgets to the Sidebar

We have added the Classic Mod to our site and one other things you’ll notice is that, all of our widgets have gone away. We don’t have any widgets left over here and that’s because the widget area has a new name. So what we need to do is go back over to our widgets.

Go to Appearance and Widgets then just come down to our widgets. You’ll notice that the widgets are in what’s called an inactive sidebar and all you have to do is drag them over here to Widgets 1. We may need to do a little rearranging them but at the moment, that’s all you have to, is drag them over into your sidebar there.

If You are Using the 3 Column Skin

Now, something that’s caused some folks confusion is when they’re working with the 3 Columns skin. If you’re working on the 3 Column version of the skin, it doesn’t have 2 widgets areas in the sidebar, it only has 1 widget area in the sidebar and the other sidebar has a text box in it. You’re going to have to create a second widget area to use for that.

Creating a Second Widget

In fact, I may as well just show you that here. Let’s say that what I want to use is the Full Width Classic 3 Column Layout with the content column in the middle. I’ll right click on that and Save Link As then I’ll come back over to my site, back over to the Skin Editor, to the Manager, Import Skin Data. Now we’ll choose the file and I’m going to choose the new file that I downloaded which is this one here, the 20th.

Open that one up, import that data and if we go take a quick look, now, we have 3 columns here. Note that widget 1 still exists but this thing over here is just a text box. So if you come over and look at your content area and look at your left sidebar, the left sidebar has a text box in it, the right sidebar has a widgets box in it.

If you want this to work as widgets, you’ll have to come over to the widgets box. You’ll call it Widgets 2, add that box, shift drag that box over to the Left Sidebar. I’lll just shift drag Text Box 1 out of here for the time being. Save that template and now, you’ve got the widgets box in both places and you’ve got a place to put widgets.

If we come back over to Appearance and Widgets, now you have a Widgets 2 under Widgets 1. Those of you trying to use the 3 Columns skin and finding that there’s no second widget column, that’s how you address it.

Back to our 2 Column Skin Layout

But we’re not going to do that, we’re going to go back over to Thesis and back to our Skin Editor. I’m going to go back to the Skin Manager, Import Skin Data, go back and get that file again that is the 2 Columns skin that we’re using, import that. Okay there we go, back to the 2 Columns Skin.

Create a Menu

The next thing we want to do here before we start making our big changes is we want to create our menu because Thesis 2 no longer has the Thesis Nav Menu and I was using that Menu on the site.

I’m going to have to come over here and go to Appearance and Menus. I’ve already created a new menu called Main Menu then I’m just going to come down and About, Thesis Style Catalog, Video Instruction, Software, E-Books, Books, Tutorial Site, Blog, Customer Support then what else?

I will add those to the menu, I think we have to View All to get the rest of the this. We want our Home, our Thesis Style Catalog so we’ll drag our Home up to the top and change its label to Home. Let’s see, let’s just take a quick look at our menu here. So Home, Catalog 1, Catalog 2, Customer Support, About, Blog and Tutorial Site.

Actually, I think I have Thesis Style Catalog in here twice, don’t I? Yes, that’s not what I wanted. I wanted the WordPress Style Catalog so I got these things in here too often. Let’s get the Thesis Style Catalog and what we’re going to do is call that Catalog 1. No, this is Catalog 2 actually then we’ll take Video Instruction under it, Software, E-Books and Books then I’ll move that one.

Then we’re going to take the WordPress Style ones, move that over and this is going to be called Catalog 1. Catalog 1 will have Books, E-Books, Software, Video Instruction and Catalog 1 is going to come up above Catalog 2 then Customer Support, About, Blog and Tutorial Site, save that menu.

Once we’ve got this menu saved, this is our only menu. That means it’s now going to show up here. Here it is up here at the top so we’re now ready to essentially start customizing this.

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