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How to upgrade from Thesis 1.x to Thesis 2 Using the Thesis Classic Skin – Part 2 – Set Up an Under Construction/Maintenance Mode Skin

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We’ve arrived at Part 2 of our How to Upgrade to Thesis 2 from Thesis 1x seminar. And once you have the inventory of your existing site, it’s time to dive in to Thesis 2. Now, if we go over to Appearance and Themes, you’ll see that I have uploaded Thesis version 2.0.2 to my site but Thesis 1.8.5 is active.

Activating Thesis 2.0.2

The very first thing I’m going to do is activate Thesis 2.0.2. Now that it’s activated, I don’t want you to panic but we’re going to take a look at the site here and I think you’re going to see that the site looks entirely different. This is the Thesis Classic Skin and its default configuration. You can tell pretty easily that this is not the way we want it to look so we’re going to have to do a bunch of work to go from this to get back to this.

Set Up a Maintenance Mode Skin

I think the first thing to do in that regard is to set up a maintenance mode skin. This is another resource that I’ve created for you. If you go up under Member Benefits and Skins for the Thesis Theme 2.0, you’ll see that I have my free Thesis Classic Skin versions which we’ll be using here in a moment. I’ve got the mobile responsive versions and I’ve got a new skin that I added yesterday called, The BYOB Maintenance Mode Skin for Thesis 2.

What we’re going to do here is, right click on the skin and say, Save Link As and this is called the so I’m going to save that and essentially what I’ve done is I’ve just downloaded this skin.

Now, what we’ll do is upload it so we come back over to the Dashboard and go to Thesis and Skin Editor. Actually, that’s not right, we’re going to go to Thesis and select skin. We’re going to upload the skin, choose the file, it was the maintenance-mode skin, add it.

It says the skin was successfully installed then we’re going to activate the skin. With that skin activated, if we come over and view the site, now it’s entirely different.

What BYOB Thesis Maintenance Mode Skin Does

What the BYOB Thesis Maintenance Mode Skin does is it creates this message that is easy for you to customize but it’s just a couple of text boxes that you can go and customize. What it will do is it will tell your guests and people coming to your site that your site is under construction and will encourage them to come back later but they’re not going to see a broken site.

What this does is take advantage of Thesis’ ability to have one skin active and another skin that you’re actually working on at the same time. If we come back over here to Skins and select Skin, our active skin is the maintenance-mode skin but we’re going to be actually working on Thesis Classic skin. If we preview the Thesis Classic Skin in development mode and now view the site, we see the skin in the classic version but that’s because we’re logged in.

If one of you now goes over to, you’re going to see something entirely different and we’ll take a look at that quickly in FireFox where I’m not actually logged in. You’ll see the maintenance-mode skin is active for everybody else. That’s what it looks like if you’re not logged in, “Oops, You caught us working on the site!” and this is what it looks like if you are logged in and working.

The one problem with this whole system is that, you can’t have one version of Thesis Classic in preview mode and another one active. That’s why I created this maintenance-mode skin so you can just throw the site in maintenance mode while you’re doing the work and you can activate the skin that you’re working on when you’re finished with it. Then the maintenance mode skin won’t be displayed any longer.

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