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How to upgrade from Thesis 1.x to Thesis 2 Using the Thesis Classic Skin – Part 3 – Set Up Sitewide Settings

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We’ve activated the skin so the next thing to do before we get any further in this upgrade to Thesis 2 is really to take care of our site wide settings. If we come over here to the HTML head, there is this Favicon uploader and in fact, it may make sense for us to come back over to our text bit here.

Using a Favicon

We could just use this link because it’s what I had used before or we can choose this image. If we’re going to choose this image, what we need to do is download it from our site. Well, actually I’m not going to bother with that, I’m just going to go ahead and use the link.

If you’ve got the Favicon on your computer, you can go ahead and use this to upload it otherwise, all you have to do is come over to your head scripts and place that same Favicon link there and hit Save HTML Head and you’ll have that part of it taken cared of.

Saving the Tracking Scripts

Then we’ll come over to Tracking Scripts and look at something new in Thesis 2. We could put our whole tracking script here or we could just put our Google Analytics tracking ID in and that’s what we’re going to do, we’re just going to use our Google Analytics Tracking ID. It’s this UA number so I’m just going to copy the UA number there, paste it and save the tracking scripts. At this point, we’ve transferred all of the site settings that there were for us to transfer.

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