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How to Upgrade the Agility Nude Skin for Thesis 2 from Version 1 to Version 2.1 – Part 1 – Introduction to Upgrading Agility from 1 to 2.1

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Good morning everybody and welcome to this special seminar on How to Upgrade the Agility Nude skin for Thesis 2 from Version 1 to Version 2.1. As you undoubtedly know a couple of weeks ago Thesis 2.1 came out and it offered a whole bunch of new functionality to skin developers.

You see all of that functionality in the Thesis Classic Responsive skin where it has the color picker and it has design options and content options and display options and things like that.

What’s Changed in Agility

If you upgraded to Thesis 2.1 and you are already using Agility, you noticed that something’s changed. For example the Agility Nude design options that were part of the Agility Nude skin in Thesis 2 were no longer available or visible to you and also you found that many of your boxes placed their settings in the content section. Agility obviously didn’t take advantage of all of the cool stuff that 2.1 is doing until this week.

If you’ve been paying attention, that is if you keep on responding to every upgrade notice from me, you’ve seen several upgrades of Agility over the last week. It went from Agility 2.1.0 all the way to Agility 2.1.3 and part of that was doing a little bit of error checking and catching up on some things that I didn’t see in the first place.

Some of that was adding additional functionality to Agility that I realized that I was going to want to add and that was a little bit of incremental process but right now where the skin is, if you download it right now from the website you’ll get Agility 2.1.3.

Who Should Upgrade

Now, not everybody actually needs to upgrade so for example if you’re already done with your site, let’s say you’ve finished designing your site and it’s all set up working just fine, it looks exactly the way you want it to look then there’s really no need necessarily for you to upgrade.

All the benefits of upgrading accrue to the person who is actually continuing to modify or edit their site and if you’re not doing that then there’s no absolute need to upgrade. Although for you if you want to try and take advantage of the full range of Thesis 2.1 styling abilities, for you upgrading is actually pretty simple, right?

Incremental Upgrade Options

You can upgrade very quickly and simply and just have the latest version without actually having to go through all the rest of the process that I show here because it’s not really all or nothing, right? You can choose to upgrade incrementally. You can choose to upgrade a little bit everyday.

You can go through the whole process at one time or you can go through a part of it now and then let the rest of it go till you’re ready to really make some changes to the site later on down the road. This is a very unusual kind of upgrade in that it’s not an all or nothing thing and it doesn’t happen all at once necessarily.

Functional Upgrade and Full CSS Upgrade

What that really means is that there are essentially two types of upgrades. There is the functional upgrade which is the quick easy one that we’re going to start off with and then there is the CSS system upgrade.

The functional upgrade will simply bring your existing installation of Agility up to the new Agility system but it won’t employ all of the new CSS functionality that Thesis 2.1 employs and the whole purpose for this is that I wanted to make sure because the functionality couldn’t be backward compatible.

When Thesis 2.1 came out it did not come with a system for making what you built into essentially compatible in 2.1 and since there was no automatic way of making it compatible, I made the value judgement that what we would do is give you the ability to incrementally upgrade so that you never lost any of the work that you’ve already done.

The CSS system upgrade can be simple and/or can be kind of complex and it just depends on how much customization, how many packages you created and that sort of thing. We’re going to go through that process here this morning but the good news is it does not need to be an earth-shaking, earth-shattering upgrade. You can make the value judgement that you’re just going to do a functional upgrade and that process will be quick and simple.

I hope and I trust that this is the only time you’ll have to do this. Ordinarily when Thesis upgrades again you won’t have to go through this process but that there will be a simple straightforward upgrade process. I’ve built some of the functionality for Agility so that regardless of what happens in the future the capacity is still going to be there to preserve that functionality so we’ll see how it goes but anyway, upgrading Agility is for many of you going to take a little bit of time.

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