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How to Upgrade the Agility Nude Skin for Thesis 2 from Version 1 to Version 2.1 – Part 13 – Step 11 – Transfer Remaining Styles

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The last thing to do for this upgrade of the Agility Skin for Thesis 2.1 is just to transfer over the remaining custom CSS.

Deleting Items in the Recycle Bin

We do that by first deleting this stuff out of the recycle bin and then deleting our recycle bin. We’re doing that because we are now at the point where we have made the majority of the changes. We’re going to save the custom CSS here and once that’s done we’re going to get our CSS file.

The way you get that CSS file is by coming over here, I’m doing this is in Chrome, and you can download it with FTP from your site. It’s css.css. If you’re using Chrome or Firefox something like that you can select the element, come over here to resources, open up your resources and scroll down to css.css.

Packages to Transfer

What you’re looking for and this is going to be all the way down at the bottom here is this section called Packages to Transfer. There’s only a couple of things in there but you can see how big it is, right? Packages to Transfer and then Custom Packages. This is that iPhone that was just an experiment that I’m not going to bother trying to save.

I’m just going to come over here and copy everything else except for that right up to the Packages to Transfer. That’s one of the reasons why we put these labels in here so you can see where these things begin and end. If you need help with that you could put an ending one on there as well.

We probably should do that just so that it’s clear and the custom packages as well. Save the CSS and refresh that CSS file and now you start with custom packages and you have the end custom packages down here.

Actually that was an error which throws everything else off that would kill your final fixes of things so refresh that. Then we’re just going to grab custom packages and packages to transfer, copy that, come back over here and paste it. You don’t really need to do anything else if you don’t want to because what you’ve just done is you’ve copied those packages that needed to be copied.

Now, the only thing you really cared about with this one was the headline, right? So what I’m going to do is delete everything out of the full post box but the headline because everything else is being managed by the system. Remember the home archive post box again was the same, the only thing we wanted to change was the headline.

So I’m going to delete everything out of here except for the headline in the home archive post box. And that got both of those done. Then I have my custom package here which had these different styles and I’m not going to do anything to change it.

I’m just going to leave those like that but I’m going to delete this Agility media query and I’m going to save my custom CSS and refresh it. Everything should be looking perfect. Okay, I need to make one minor adjustment obviously because my widgets are not stacking up here and I’m guessing it’s because of the sizes. Box size is in border box well that should do the job.

Oh no, there’s an error in the code that’s why that’s not working right. Okay you’re going to see an update for the standard code for this here shortly because there’s a little error in my code that is preventing this. I’m going to fix that so that these things behave the way they’re suppose to behave but besides that and so this kind of all comes back to how does this process work.

Future Upgrades

Now that you’ve got this far, from now on every time you upgrade you’ll just upgrade the skin CSS as well. You’ll reload the default skin CSS everytime you upgrade because you won’t ever edit inside of default CSS. You’re going to do all of your editing over in custom CSS.

Custom CSS is never going to be affected by upgrades and skin CSS you should leave available to me to change when I find problems like that, okay? The same thing is true with variables, all the variables that I’ve created here. Those are all one way or the other adjusted or modified by the design options so you’re not going to really want to delete them or change them in any way but if you do you can always restore them.

Now, the last thing we could do is come along here and delete all of our packages. However, I would not do that until you’re absolutely certain everything is working because you can always come back to skin CSS and place a package back in to see whether or not it solves your problem, right?

So I would just recommend you leave these here. It’s not going to hurt you any and you always have those to default to if you find yourself having a problem.

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