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How to Upgrade the Agility Nude Skin for Thesis 2 from Version 1 to Version 2.1 – Part 3 – Step 2 – Perform the Functional Upgrade

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Having recorded that, we’re going to come back over to our Manager and now we’re going to create a new backup and we’re going to call this “After upgrade to Thesis 2.1”.

Create an “After Thesis 2.1 Upgrade” Backup

We’re doing this because the “After upgrade to Thesis 2.1” has created a new set of options that even though it didn’t change the way our site looks it has new stuff now that if we were going to restore we would want to restore to this. So now I’m going to export that version so we’ll have a copy of it, okay and that’s actually the end of the functional upgrade process.

Really, recording your old settings doesn’t necessarily have to be part of the upgrade process because if you’re not changing them then you’re not changing them. But if we come back over here and take a look at what is available to us now, if we look at custom CSS there shouldn’t be anything there because there was never anything there before.

If you created some custom CSS then you will find it here, right? But my version have this so it’s not there and if we go to Manage Skins, now we have our indication that there’s an update available so you can see I’ve at version 1.0.9 and I think I’ve got everything I need so now what we’re going to do is just upgrade to 2.1.

After Upgrade to Agility 2.1

Looks like it’s all been okay and let’s just refresh this one more time because we’re not seeing the right image here yet. There we go, Agility Nude 2.1 and you can see we’re looking at version 2.1.3. Now if we refresh the page again, it looks exactly the same as it did before, there’s been no change.

Create an “After Agility 2.1 Upgrade” Backup

We’re going to do one last backup. We’ll come over to our Skin Editor and go to our Manager and we’re going to create a new backup and this is going to be “After upgrade to Agility 2.1”. There we go.

For those of you who are looking for the fastest upgrade process possible, you could consider this a completed upgrade that is this is the end of the functional upgrade process. It does not change any of the appearance of your site, it does not change your skin.css or your variables or your packages which means that the upgrade doesn’t change anything about the HTML. It just means that your site’s going to look and function exactly the same way it did before.

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