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Install, Configure and Style the Social Media and Email Signup Boxes from DIYThemes

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DIYThemes has recently released a group of boxes that enable you to add social media links and email sign up boxes to your Thesis 2 site.  In this seminar we download and install each of the boxes and look at the configuration for each.  The boxes include:

  • Facebook Like
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest Pin It
  • LinkedIn Share
  • Mail Chimp sign up form
  • AWeber sign up form

We also look at how to add styling to the Mail Chimp and AWeber boxes.

Part 1 – Download and Install the Social Media Boxes

Today I’m going to demonstrate how to use and configure the new DIY Themes social media boxes which were released last week. For quite a while Chris has been talking about social media boxes and email sign up forms and those are now available here under downloads and then over here under boxes.

Where to Find the Boxes and Who Has Access to Them

If you go to downloads and boxes and you don’t see these two things, that means you don’t have the professional license so you can upgrade your account anytime you want to with them to include the professional license. Actually, I think there was another license that also included the ability to have access to these boxes that’s not professional but in any case, if you’ve got the appropriate license then these two things are available to you.

Download the Boxes

We’re just going to start off by going over to the social media boxes. When we click on that, there’s all of these different social media boxes that you can download. Each one of them requires you to agree to the terms of the license so if you scroll down here to the bottom and agree then the download automatically begins so that’s really the first step, is to download all of those things.

Once you have them downloaded then it’s time to install them. I’m coming over here to this site, it’s got a default Thesis Classic Skin on it, and we’re going to start the whole thing off first with the Thesis Dashboard and then go over here to boxes and select boxes.

How to Upload the Boxes

Now, this is the way you upload boxes. I’ve discovered that folks are a little bit confused between whether something is a box or a skin or a package or a plugin or a theme. And certainly, Thesis 2 has complicated that a bit by having all these different elements but in order to install a box you have to use this system here, click on Upload Box and choose the file.

Install Social Media Buttons

We’re going to start off with the social media buttons so I’ll install the Facebook one first and hit Add Box and we just wait for this to finish refreshing. You can choose the file for the next one so we’ll install LinkedIn and wait for the ajax to refresh and install Pinterest then install Google+ and the last one is the Twitter.

Zip File Format – Mac Users Take Note

Someone just asked me, “So you upload the zip files not unzip?”, and that is absolutely correct. I’ve run into this twice in the last week where people with Macintosh computers have their files being automatically being unzipped when they download them. I’ve got a video on the site called How to Prevent the Mac from Automatically Unzipping Downloaded Files to correct this problem.

How to Install the Files if they are Unzipped

At any rate you don’t want these files unzipped because you have to install them manually rather than using this handy little “Upload Box” feature. So you definitely need to be uploading the zipped file that you downloaded and if you have a computer that is unzipping your files, you either need to install them manually using FTP Client or you will need to re-zip them up using some sort of tool then uploading them back to you computer.

I’ve only ever seen this happen on the Mac and I’ve only seen it happen recently so I don’t know if it’s something that’s in the new Mac version but you definitely need the zipped version in order for this to be simple. Now that you have these things uploaded, all you have to do is go put a check box beside them and with those checked, hit Save Boxes.

Let’s see, we have some folks here who say that if you save the zipped files to a folder other than the download box, it’ll stay zipped and she says you can also re-zip them with the gear and click the folder and hit compress and it zips them.

Someone else says that if you’re in Safari, un-check “Open Safe Files” after downloading in Safari preferences. So I may actually come back to this later in the session and we’ll demonstrate those things with folks who have Macintoshes because I don’t have one of those to demonstrate it myself.

Anyway, now that we have these things checked and we hit “Save Boxes”, you can go over to you skin editor now.

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2 comments… add one