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Install, Configure and Style the Social Media and Email Signup Boxes from DIYThemes – Part 6 – Install and Style the AWeber Email Signup Box

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In part 6 of this seminar on How to Install, Configure and Style the Social Media and Email Signup Boxes from DIYThemes we show how to install and style the AWeber signup form.

Upload the AWeber Box

Let’s come back over to the main dashboard and back over to boxes and select boxes. We’ll upload this in exactly in exactly the same way as we’ve done every other box. Let’s go down and save it. This also wants you to refresh because you’ll also have a configuration menu for that box and that’s your AWeber configuration box.

Connect the Box to your AWeber Account

To connect with AWeber you click on that button. Grab your authorization code and connect to AWeber . Again, you can pick a list, you can select the page where people are automatically sent. I think what we’ll do is we’ll go back to our home page. If they’re already on the list, then there’s some page where you can send them to if you want to do that.

Add the AWeber Box to a Template

Let’s save your options and go over to your Skin Editor. And again, it’s really the same thing, right. You come over to the Add Boxes and AWeber Box and AWeber Register. We’re going to come back over here to the sidebar and again, you have a choice of which list to add. You can put your AWeber Ad Tracking in there if you want, you can change these fields, you can add a required name field and then you can add HTML or ID, we’ll just save this template.

Review the Signup Form

It’s got the same exact Get Updates thing so it has exactly the same sort of issues as we had with the MailChimp form. I guess I need to do a refresh, right? Okay, iit happened and it sent me over to this page. I think it probably sent me to this page because I was already on the list. Work With an Architect that Listens to You, I believe I was already on the list.  Yeap, oh no, that’s the Thank You page so I was sent to the Thank You page once I click on that and at some point here, I will be getting an invitation.

Say, “Yes, subscribe me to this list”, and then this is the email that automatically goes out to people who sign up, “Thanks for signing up for this. We want you to know that we use email for communication”, so this is the custom email message I set up for this list and all I have to do to confirm is to place it there or is to click on that.

Apply Existing Styles to the AWeber Form

And then because of the way that works, it’s sending me to the Free Registration page so both of those things work as advertised and I can easily apply that same set of styles to this right. All I have to do is give that an ID of free_register. So come back down to the sidebar and give that an ID of free_register and now it adopts the styles that we have applied when we created those. Okay, that pretty much wraps up.

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