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Integrating WooCommerce with Thesis 2 – Part 13 – Configure the Product Page to Accept Reviews

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We’re going to fix an error that I made here first on the individual Product pages. I left this comment system here in place and that was a mistake. So we’re going to click to edit this here real quickly and we’re just going to drag the comment part out of here as well.

Remove the Extraneous Comment System

I’ve got my Comments Intro, Comments, Comments Nav and Comment Form and I’m just going to drag and drop all that out.

I had forgotten that this has a really nice comments system built into it that what I just did would mess up. Let’s come back over and go to the site, go to the Shop and Coffee Maker. And now you can see this nice Reviews tab here, that’s where the reviews end up going, Reviews and Edit Review. That was failing because I had the Comments down here so when you’re doing that, make sure you take the Comments out as well.

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