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Integrating WooCommerce with Thesis 2 – Part 11 – Customize the Display of Product Pages

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Now we’re going to start looking at another lovely feature of this WooCommerce Thesis Integrator Plugin and that is the Thesis Store Options. As it turns out, Serge has given us some control over what this looks like and how it’s arranged.

WooCommerce Settings: Thesis Store Options

So we’re going to start off here with WooCommerce settings and look at the Thesis Store Options. Now, some of these options apply specifically to the Catalog Pages of the Archive Pages and some of them apply to Product Pages.

Product Page – Images

In particular, for the product pages here, you can decide how many thumbnails per row for product page you want to show up. Right now, this is set at 3 but you could set it at 4 or 2, it just depends on how you want this stuff set up.

You may remember that under catalog, yes, image options…I kind of brush passed this whole question of image options but what this does. But it essentially create these images for you or you upload the featured image to when you’re creating a product and then it will create a catalog image of a larger single product image and then a product thumbnail.

So, if you look at the product image, you can see it has been cut off but if you click on it, you could see the whole version without the cuts on it. So that’s the way this thing works by default, essentially it hard crops the images rather than scaling the images to fit in these spaces. Your little product thumbnails are these 90 pixels wide and your catalog images are these 150.

Now, you can set these to whatever you want them to be. So if you want two columns of catalog images, you can set your image widths to 300 pixels or something like that and use a larger image size.

The same thing is true with the product image, it could be the full width of the content column, maybe 640 pixels wide and then maybe in that case, you’re going to want more thumbnail images sitting below the product.

The answer to this question really emerges out of how you see the product images all working together. Of course, it’s irrelevant if you don’t have additional images for the product but if you’ve got something where you’re showing various views or various options or whatever, then you can have a bunch of different images for it. This just tells you how many images per row or where you tell it how many images per row.

Product Page – Related Products

Now, if we’re looking at this page right here, this is the product page and we look at the settings here, there’s the opportunity for you to disable related products. The related products are right here. This is the teapot and that’s in the same parent category as these two things are so these are set up as related products. You can disable that and if you have it enabled, you can choose how many related products you want to show up and you can choose how many products per row.

You can minimize the size of them and it can be more than just two. That’s the way you can change this up a little bit. In fact, let’s just do that. Let’s change this to 3, hit save changes and if we refresh this page, now we have these 3 related products sitting side by side. Or you could disable it and there wouldn’t be any related products.

Product Page – Upsells and Reviews

You can also choose to display upsells. Now, we don’t have any upsells configured for this so you don’t see them but it’s sort of the purchasers of this product have also purchased blah, blah, blah or save 20 bucks if you buy this. I have a heck of a time getting away from the online cigar stores because everytime I buy something, before I finish buying it, they’ve got, “But wait, there’s more you can buy” and it’s even a better deal and you can have that same kind of thing going on here.

Then, you can also choose to prevent the reviews, someone reviewing who’s not a registered user. This is not the same thing as commenting although it takes over the comment box on product pages but you can choose to lock that to registered users.

These are the parts that relate specifically to the product page then you also have similar kinds of options for catalog pages.

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