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Integrating WooCommerce with Thesis 2 – Part 15 – Customize the Main Store Template

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Just as we created a custom template to display specific products differently, the same thing can happen with the Catalog pages in our WooCommerce-Thesis 2 eCommerce site. Here we’re going to customize the main store template for our WooCommerce store.

No Sidebar in the Main Store Page

First, we’re going decide that our main store page is not going to have a sidebar. Let’s come over here to our Products Archive template and open this up. We’ll drag this 2 Column Content out, come back down and get the Main Content Column inside of Full Width Content, drag the Full Width Content up.

Let’s just make sure I got that right, that’s the wrapper, it’s the wrong one. Yes, this is the right one, drop it in place then open up our Product Archive, place it in there, save the template. Let’s go to the Shop page and now, it doesn’t have a sidebar, all the clutter is gone.

Add Text to the Shop Page

Let’s say you want to add some text to this. The way to do add text is actually to go over to the page. By that, I mean the store page. We’ll come over to pages, all pages and then come down to the Shop page and edit it and add some text, “Take a gander at all of our cool products”.

If you refresh this, you see that HTML is rendered here above the products and below the title. So, to the extent that you want to place some HTML before you get to that, you can. And if you want to place HTML after everything, all you would have to do is come over here inside of Main Content below the Products Archive Template and just insert a text box.

After you insert the text box, you could do all kinds of stuff. You could add more content or you could put some smart widgets in there or whatever you want in. So you have a lot more control over what you can do with a WooCommerce template than most people have because you can customize each template with Thesis 2.

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