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Integrating WooCommerce with Thesis 2 – Part 4 – Integrate with Thesis – Step 1 – Replace the Thesis 2.0 Template File

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We’re at the point in our How to Integrate WooCommerce with Thesis 2 seminar where we begin the integration. We’re going to go through a simple set of steps for making WooCommerce work with Thesis 2 using Serge’s plugin, WooCommerce Thesis Integrator.

Written Integration Instructions

I have written a set of integration instructions that go along with this that you can download here on the sidebar of the main lesson page. It’s essentially 6 steps once you’re at this place for integrating it and that’s the process I’m going to go through now. But to the extent that you want to have a written diagram or a written list of what to do, go ahead and just download these written integration instructions and you’ll be in good shape.

Install and Activate the WooCommerce Thesis Integrator Plugin

We’ll begin by installing the integrator plugin. We’re going to Add New and upload. We’ll choose the file and I have this in my downloads folder, let’s see So I’m going to open that up and install it and then activate it.

Replace a File in Thesis 2 Using FileZilla

Now that it’s activated, you see we’ve got this notice, “Your current Thesis installation does not fully support custom post type templates. Please visit this help page for integration instructions”. On this page, Serge has a video tutorial series going through a lot of what we’re going to do here as well so if you want to watch his videos instead, they’re going to be right here on the Thesis help page. We’re going to address these questions here and that’s really Step 1.

Step 1 is to replace a file in Thesis 2. There are two ways to do this, there’s my way which is using FileZilla and using the file structure that we talked about at length in other courses. And then there’s an alternative system using your host’s control panel. I’m actually going to demonstrate both of those ways but we’re going to start off with my way.

Using FileZilla to Replace the File

We’re going to come over to downloads and we’re going to find the WooCommerce Thesis Integrator. I’m going to cut it out of there and then take it over to my file structure, My Business Website, downloads then paste it there. Then I’m going to unzip it like we did with the last one, extract all.

I’m going to choose the location again in libraries, documents, my documents, My Business Website, WordPress, wp-content. We also want plugins, not just wp-content but plugins so we’ll extract it to there and now we have the WooCommerce Thesis Integrator Plugin installed here.

Now I’m going to bring up FileZilla and connect up to the site which is and this is as you can see, Rick\Documents\My Business Wesite\WordPress and then the root of this website thesiswoocommerce.

Open up the wp-content and we’re going to go to plugins and woocommeerce_thesis_integrator. I’m sorry, I left out a step. From our woocommerce_thesis_integrator, we’re going to open up the Thesis folder and this templates.php file is the one we’re going to use as the replacement file. So I’m going to copy that, come back over to wp-content and now, I’m going to go to themes, thesis, lib, core, skin and this templates.php file, we’re going to rename it.

We’re just going to say templates-old, we’re not going to delete, we’re just going to rename it and then we will paste the file that we just copied, it didn’t happen. We want to go back over to wp-content and plugins, thesis_integrator, thesis and we’ll copy this file and then we’re going to go back to themes, thesis, library, core, skin and paste it here. Okay, so now we have our old templates.php file and our new templates.php file.

Then I’m just going to open up the site in FileZilla again and go back to themes, thesis and we have to essentially, go back where that file location is. So core and skin and we’ll come down to our templates.php file and we’ll upload it. Now, what’s that going to do is overwrite the one that’s on the site, overwrite the templates.php file in Thesis.

Using the Host Control Panel to Replace the File

Once that overwriting is completed and now, I realized that I left out the alternate system for installing that template file so I’m going to jump back, pretend I haven’t gone on with steps 2 and 3 and I’m going to go back and add that templates.php file using my host control panel.

So here I am in Bluehost right now. Let’s come over here and go down to the File Manager and come down to the folder that holds this website which is going to be thesiswoocommerce folder. Then go to wp-content and go to themes and thesis and lib and core and skin, what we can do is take this templates.php file, right click on it and say, rename and I’m going to say -old then I’m going to upload a new file. Upload, choose the file from my computer which is wherever you may have placed it. Upload it and now you’ve got the templates-old and the templates.

I want you to recognize that, of course, this templates-old is not really the templates-old, this is the one we’d replaced otherwise but that’s another way you can insert the templates file into Thesis 2.

Obviously, I prefer the FileZilla method but this works just as well. So, now if we refresh the site, you’ll see both of those messages are gone. Both the WooCommerce warning that the theme doesn’t support WooCommerce and also the plugin warning that Thesis doesn’t fully support the post types, both of those warnings are now gone.

Let’s refresh this page and it still looks exactly the same. The reason is that it’s not a one-step process. It’s a multiple step process and right now, we’re going to go on to Step 2.

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2 comments… add one
  • Sheyna Galyan February 2, 2014, 1:07 pm

    Do I understand correctly that this step is unnecessary for Thesis 2.1+? (I’m currently running Thesis 2.1.6.)

    • Rick Anderson February 16, 2014, 9:06 am

      Sheyna, that is correct – this step is not necessary for Thesis 2.1

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