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Integrating WooCommerce with Thesis 2 – Part 6 – Integrate with Thesis – Step 3 – Edit your Products Archive Template

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Step 3 in this process of integrating WooCommerce and Thesis 2 is to continue to edit these templates. We’ve finished editing the product template but we’re also going to edit the archive templates.

3 New Templates

We’re going to start off with the Products Archive. Notice that we really have 3 new templates here because of WooCommerce and the integrator plugin. We have the Products Archive which is essentially the shop page or the store page, it shows all of our products, we have Product Category and we have Products Tags.

We’re going to take the Products Archive Template and we’re going to do the same thing we did with product. We’re going to find the WP Loop and we’re going to drag it out and drop it up there. We’re actually going to get rid of the Archive Intro as well and then the Post Navigation.

So again, this is empty but then we’ll come down here and grab the other dark gray box, Products Archive Template. We’ll shift drag that up into place and drop it there. And now, our Products Archive Template has all of the product archive content.

Let’s save this template and come back to our shop page. And now the shop page shows all these things. So we’re starting to get the functionality that we expected.

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