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Integrating WooCommerce with Thesis 2 – Part 7 – Integrate with Thesis – Step 4 – Edit the Product Category & Product Tag Templates

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Step 4 in this process of integrating WooCommerce and Thesis 2 is to continue to edit these templates. We just finished editing the Archive Template but we need to do this same editing process for the other two Archive templates.

Copy from Template

Let’s open up archive and come down here to Product Category. What we’re going to do rather than dragging and dropping is I’m going to copy from the template that we just created. So, click the template and use copy from and we are going to copy from our Products Archive, copy that template.

And we’ll do exactly the same thing with Product Tags. Actually, I should save this template first. We’ll say the same thing with Product Tag, click on it, copy from template. We’ll copy from Products Archive and now, we’ve made the change to all of those templates. Hit save template.

Now we’ve edited our Products Archive Template, both our Product Category and Product Tag templates and now we’re on the Step 5 which is going to completely change the way these things look. There is a whole set of CSS that comes with WooCommerce that will style all of these. It’s just that there are a couple of things that we need to do in order to make that happen.

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