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Integrating WooCommerce with Thesis 2 – Part 17 – Question and Answer

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What Happens When the Thesis Core is Hacked?

Well, I think I have finished everything I was going to present and so now, I’m going to take questions. Scott asks, “If we are hacking the Thesis core, that is changing that template page that I did earlier, what happens when we update, will we lose the template overwrite?” No, you will lose that templates file when you update. Now, we’ve some preliminary testing of this in the pre-beta version 2.1 and that templates file change is no longer necessary.

Now, there may be some other changes necessary, I don’t know and we won’t know really until we get through down the road with it but the file replacement does not appear to be necessary any longer with Thesis 2.1 and so, that part of the directions will go away, you won’t have to do that then. We’ll still end up doing the rest of the stuff but yes, that is hacking the core and if you hack the core, you lose it when you upgrade which is one of the reasons why you don’t want to hack the core but in this case, before you install this plugin, make sure you’re all the way up to and as soon as you’ve updated all the way to that point, you don’t have to worry about any upgrades causing you a problem.

Do Woo Extensions Work with the Plugin?

Sandy asks, “When will a coupon code be available?” It will be available very, very, very shortly after this session is completed. Craigs asked, “Do I know if the plugin will work with Woo extensions like Dynamic Pricing, Quickbooks Integration, Subscriptions, Groups and Sensei?” Well now, I don’t think Sensei actually works yet with Thesis but I believe that the answer to that is yes. For those plugins that already work with Thesis 2, I mean they don’t have their own inherent conflicts with Thesis 2 like Sensei, they should work just fine.

I think that Groups works fine with Thesis and so the Integration plugin between Groups and WooCommerce should work fine but obviously, we haven’t tried all of them, we’ve tried some and they work just fine. Because most of the inherent conflict has to do with how the templates are dealt with and most of those plugins have everything to do with the templates so they work inside of WooCommerce system and what Serge has done is create a connection between those two systems that allows both systems to do what they do.

Is WooCommerce Thesis Integration Responsive?

Let’s see, Dennis asks whether or not it’s going to be responsive. You know, the way it’s designed right now, it appears to me because it’s designed around percentages that it probably will be responsive. When we actually do the full class on this, I’m going to show how to use the Agility Media Query Boxes to add a little bit of code to those so that they maintain a minimum size but otherwise, it should be fine.

WooCommerce Payment Systems

Bill asks, is there any way to allow customers pay via PayPal? Yes, you know, WooCommerce has tons of different payment systems available to it that some of them are free so payment gateways, the ones that come with the plugin free are the Direct Bank Transfer, a Check, Cash on Delivery, a Credit Card if you’re using this mijireh_checkout system or Paypal.

Those are the ones that are supported out of the box with the free version but then, you can buy extensions so that it’ll work with other versions of PayPal and so that it’ll work with many other payment providers and they can just go on to WooCommerce website to see what payment gateways are available but they’ve got payment gateways for places all over the world. My guess is that, just about anything you want in terms of payment gateways, you can be able to find including one that I thought was totally crazy when they asked me about it which was using Quickbooks as your payment gateway but I think it does.

Let’s see WooCommerce Payment Gateway. It also includes the possibility of having all different kinds of shipping which is one of the things that makes it unique. So now, you can select the country and hit search so there are all these different systems that will work in the US, that was UK, pardon me, Authorize.Net so there’s an awful lot of systems that will work for there. Let’s see, who else has questions? Jim, I’m going to unmute your microphone. Good afternoon Jim, how are you doing?

What are the Limitations of WooCommerce?

Jim: Doing great, how are you doing Rick?

Rick: I’m doing well as well.

Jim: Okay, so thank you for letting me articulate this. In other words, you at the very beginning of the presentation talked about different types of eCommerce plugin, there’s pluses and minuses to each one and my question is really about WooCommerce in general, not specifically to WordPress although that would be part B of the question so my question is, do you see any limitations to WooCommerce, I know it’s very popular, I know a lot of people use it and let me elaborate just a little bit so people know what I’m talking about as an example.

Some plugins are good at variations so you order a t-shirt but as the colors change or as the sizes change, where the designs change, prices might change, things like that and some shopping carts handle that better than others and I’m just wondering your opinion about WooCommerce and also maybe it’s like if you buy, you refer to that indirectly earlier. You buy one product but if you buy 3, products come as a bundle and a discount so I’m just wondering your opinion on that.

Rick: Okay, I’m going to let Serge jump in on this as well. You know, in my opinion, this is akin to Shopp in its extensibility. Shopp is a plugin that was designed for programmers to use and as such, as long as you are a programmer, you can make it do just about anything and on a certain level, that is the case with WooCommerce as well and it’s not the case say with MarketPress and it’s not the case with WP eStore because they aren’t really designed specifically to be modified like that but it is the case here. I need to do more practicing with it before I can really tell you exactly when I would use this and not use it myself but I’m going to let Serge answer this question too so, if you just give me as a second.

How WooCommerce Calculates Prices and Shipping Fees?

Jim: Okay, can I elaborate just a second?

Rick: Sure.

Jim: Okay, and this question doesn’t have to be answered for WooCommerce but just so people listening give some something to think about for instance, I did an eCommerce for a chocolate company and they needed to have different shipping prices if depending on where in the United States so not just different shipping, you know 1 day or 3 days or overnight but if it went to a warmer weather, the shipping was extra because it had to be packed in dry ice where if it’s sent to Michigan in the middle of winter, it’s cheaper so that was a weird little thing that we had to factor in and so I’m just saying, every eCommerce shopping cart plugin has these pluses and minuses so this is something I was thinking about you know.

Serge: Okay, guys. Hi, thank you everyone for coming to this seminar, I will actually not waste any longer to answer this question. Let me just tell you how this plugin will develop. I have been searching for solution, really extendable solution to my client, I start to develop 500 bucks on all sort of eCommerce plugins and I came up with WooCommerce because it is really extendable. I mean, for the calculation of prices, upon the color, the text and to by the user or the millimeter sizes or the products elaborated on demand, WooCommerce can handle this. If it cannot handle this, you have a gravity form plugin which is compatible with WooCommerce and you have the price form there so you may create an unimaginable calculates for your prices. As far as shipping is concerned, you guys have a shipping pluses within WooCommerce that can be changed really easy so if you have your web a change tomorrow, you may change your shipping prices. Does that answer your question?

Jim: Yes. So in other words, you’re highly recommending the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin and you feel like it’s really…

Serge: Actually, there are two really good WooCommerce plugins that I would consider for extended projects that was WooCommerce and Jigoshop. Jigoshop is a smaller company, they use the same code and it was the same team developing them but WooCommerce is a bigger company, they have bigger budget and they have a bigger expansion so I would opt for WooThemes because they will stay longer on the market.

Jim: Okay, thanks Serge.

Serge: There are some extensions for WooCommerce which you might need to consider for particular project for example, like the window blinds, there is a specific calculation for window blinds and there is no other plugin that comes up with this except for WooCommerce.

Rick: And I just realized here a couple of days ago too as I was going through the exemptions. Somebody else had asked me if there was a way that they could give people painting estimates and what they wanted to do was they wanted to calculate essentially square ft by room dimensions and I said, I don’t see how you could possibly do that but it seems pretty good.

Serge: Yes, you can do this with gravity forms creating your own price calculator and hooking that with WooCommerce so that gravity forms put the result of the calculations by square meters and sets it as a price.

Rick: But it looked to me like the extension that you were referring to also would do that calculation based on 3 dimensions, height, width and length.

Serge: Yeah, I think it can be done. It just depends on how you would construct your own form.

Rick: That’s something that I haven’t seen available in any place. I told them that they’d need to have a custom programming solution for it because I’ve never seen anything like this so that’s also pretty powerful.

WooCommerce Integration for Gravity Forms

Serge: Sorry to interrupt you. The only issue with WooCommerce is that when you want to extend to its set limits, it becomes costly. For example, the integration for gravity forms is about $50, some other stuff as well. They have a price for an extension and there is for about $50.

Rick: And that’s not uncommon in lots of plugins, right where you have sort of a base level of functionality and then add ons. If you want to do something beyond that, it costs you more. I think that most of the time, the cost of the plugin shouldn’t really be in an evaluating factor except that because somebody charges for it, you know they have a viable business model but if you’re putting together an online store, if you spend $350 on plugins to build your online store, you wouldn’t decide to use a different plugin because one was free and one was 350 bucks. Not if you’re really building a real store and you had a real business because $350 is nothing in the scheme of making money selling stuff online.

Serge: Exactly.

Rick: So I think you just have to pick.

Serge: That’s what we’ll do one day.

Jim: Okay. Serge and Rick, one quick follow up because you’re touching on that, $350 for all the extensions and everything with Woo, that’s perfect for….

Rick: I just made that up.

Jim: No, I know. I’m just saying if you had to and you’ve got a viable business, that’s fine but that takes the question, what kind of support do you get with WooCommerce?

WooCommerce Support

Rick: If you need support, you have to buy it.

Jim: Like how much? Per month, per year, per incident?

Rick: Yeah, they have different support schemes. It’s a good question.

Serge: What I’ve heard from all the clients who use WooCommerce, they were buying a premium plugins for WooCommerce, they got the support for WooCommerce just because they bought some extensions.

Rick: Okay.

Jim: Gotcha. And would that be like 30 days, you get the help?

Serge: Actually, I do not know. I’m still negotiating the entering to the WooCommerce marketplace with my extension so I just don’t know how much does it cost per client.

Jim: Okay. And Serge, are you interested in offering additional support for the WooCommerce for a fee, I mean is that part of what you offer or you’re just too busy?

Serge: Yes, actually I’m interested in that because when you saw on the presentation of big design panel, this kind of options is actually available in WooCommerce only if you’re a programmer. There is no other extension who has the same options.

Jim: What options are those again?

Serge: They design Thesis’ store options when you change the number of products and stuff like that. This was just a brief thought because I was digging into the documentation of WooCommerce to see just how it is working from inside. It is a new system for me, I’m just working with it for about 1 month or a bit more.

Jim: Okay.

Rick: And Serge does have a product on his site, the Total Service Pack where he will install and configure WooCommerce and the Integrator with Thesis and make sure all that stuff is working right as part of the package.

Jim: Okay, that’s really awesome because even if I’m building a site for a client, eCommerce sites tend to be more costly and people expect to spend money so if I have to take $179 out to pay Serge to make sure it’s done right, that’s totally worth it.

Rick: Yeah. So there you go.

Serge: I think the full configuration would take me about 3-4 hours probably depends on the site and on the project. In the initial bridge between Thesis and WooCommerce so that everything works properly. If you see my videos on the video tutorial on the front page, you have the small video tutorials in the bottom, you have like of 90 minutes of videos over there. I start from the point where I install WooCommerce and I finish with the point where I can configure the thumbnails for the Facebook.

Jim: Okay, that’s great. Alright, thank you.

Rick: Thank you, Jim. You have a good evening.

Jim: Have a great weekend.

Serge: Thank you, Jim.

What are the Services Included in the Full Integration Pack?

Rick: Okay, let’s see, Hank has a question about the Full Integration Pack. You know, I forgot to mention this so if you go over to Serge’s site and you look, he’s got 3 products here. He’s got the Basic Integrator which is what we’ve been reviewing today, he’s got the Full Integration Pack which includes a couple of plugins that I’m going to let him tell you about and then he’s got the Total Service Pack which is all of those plugins plus installing and then configuring it. By the time I get done within a few moments of quitting today, I will get the correct coupon code on the site so you can use that to get the 25% off.

Serge: I have just sent the correct coupon code, probably it was lost in the comments, it was in the very beginning.

Rick: Does it start with colon?

Serge: No, actually it started like this.

Rick: Starts with a B?

Serge: Exactly.

Rick: Yeah, okay got it.

Serge: So, I would probably presumed the 3 products here so the Basic Pack actually includes only the Integrator plugin, the must have to make WooCommerce work with Thesis but as soon as you configure the WooCommerce pages, you will find well first, picture the images, we have products and Thesis images for your products and pages so you will have like half sides working properly with Social Media and the other half will have problems in open graph protocol. So in this Full Integration Pack, I have include all the premium plugins I have previously created for all these issues with your website so that you make sure to use the same functionality all over your website and if you are doing it for a client, you are sure that your client has only one interface. I think this will answer the question.

Rick: Yeah, that’s good.

Serge: With one plugin I was using in the videos, it was a slider pro plugin, it doesn’t belong to me that’s why I cannot include it into my products.

Rick: Sure.

Serge: But I will paste the link somewhere on my website so that you can reach that.

Rick: Okay. So, Hank Jordan has a question. Hank, I’ve just unmuted your microphone, do you want to ask that question or do you want me to?

Hank: Can you hear me?

Rick: Yes, we can.

Serge: Yeap, I think.

Hank: Hello?

Rick: We could hear you, let’s try that one more time.

Hank: How’s this?

Rick: That’s perfect.

WooCommerce Thesis Integration for Developers

Hank: Okay. Serge, I’ve just looked through the t’s and c’s on your site and it says, yeah, one can buy the product and then use it on as many of your sites as you like but you must have the sites. Now, as a developer, I want to buy the product, develop the thing on a test size and then transfer it to a client. How do I do that?

Serge: I’m actually developing the developer option as well. It will not vary too much in the price between the client’s option and developer option just because the developer option will have a special access to some more tutorial about Thesis.

Hank: Okay, but if I did that today?

Serge: If you buy it right now and you do it today, it’s okay.

Hank: But can I just transfer it to the client ?

Serge: Yeah, sure.

Hank: Okay. Alright, that’s all I need to know.

Serge: I mean, the development, all of the plugins are used on WordPress GPL so you may use it as you wish. I just put that message for the people who would like to do that but they are not….

Hank: Yeah, sure.

Serge: Hopefully there are not many and as far as development option will concern, they will have a special access to the areas where the clients don’t have.

Hank: Okay, that’s it. Thank you.

Rick: Great, you’re welcome. Anything else?

Hank: That’s all for me.

Rick: Okay, have a good evening. Bye.

Hank: You too.

Serge: Cheers.

Rick: Okay, let’s see so somebody asked, is this $49 include the discount? No, it does not, 25% discount, I think it’s going to be around 35 bucks something like that with the discount. Lee asks, have I used mijireh and would I recommend it? I have not used it so I don’t know, I don’t have a recommendation on it. I love PayPal, PayPal works really well for me and it’s easy to set up, you get your money the minute somebody pays you and I like it alot so I really haven’t experimented with other payment providers like that.

What eCommerce Solutions Are We Supporting?

Let’s see, Scott asks, this may be a too general question, what are the strings of different eCommerce solutions you’ll be supporting? Well, you know, I have in my mind the goal of supporting sort of 3 different kinds of eCommerce solutions, very, very easy one. An easy one to use but not particularly configurable so it’s a little bit more complicated to use but it’s more configurable and then a plugin that is not quite as easy to use but is infinitely configurable. So I’m trying to expand the range from simple and easy but limited configuration to more difficult but more extendable.

Does WooCommerce Work for Digital Products?

I plan on having a seminar comparing and contrasting all 3 solutions and making suggestions but I’m not prepared to do that yet. Let’s see, Cherry asks, can this be used for digital products as well? It can be used for digital products, Woo does seem to charge quite a bit for their digital product extension.

Serge: You may reuse it even both on the same site, digital products and the physical product. It is configurable by products not by the WooCommerce itself. You may even sell the subscriptions and the platform is working with WooCommerce.

Rick: So you don’t need WooCommerce subscriptions here to do that?

Serge: WooCommerce subscription is actually for charging monthly fee for restricted content.

Rick: Okay.

Serge: And if you sell downloads or any other type of files, it’s just okay to use the WooCommerce as is.

Rick: Okay, well there you go, that’s the answer. Yes, it does work.

Serge: I would even go a bit further if you create a website only for downloads, you may disable a lot of stuff in the WooCommerce for example, like shipping or other things related to physical product, you have the options to do that. That’s what I was doing with my website today actually, I started this morning. I just finished it 5 minutes before your seminar started.

Rick: There you go. Well, there’s nothing like just on time. You know, I just finished getting the seminar ready myself about 20 minutes before the seminar started.

Serge: Yeah, the last version of the video was done just 30 minutes before this seminar starts.

WooCommerce Skins

Rick: Okay so Dennis asks, the cart on Androids are a little wide, could that be made a more mobile-friendly? I’m a big fan of vertical bar menus for mobile, could that be accomplished? Well, sure, that’s entirely independent of WooCommerce, that’s more dependent upon the skin itself. Now, I don’t actually have a box and a package combination for a vertical flyout mobile menu.

Serge: Yeah, I have this on the website where you have the product when you resize the screen, you will see the flyout menu and actually, it supports as well the submenus.

Rick: You’re talking about this one here?

Serge: Yeah, if you resize the screen to be as a cellphone, you will see the layout. There you go.

Rick: Are you offering this as a box?

Serge: No. Actually, this is a part of a skin.

Rick: Okay, it’s part of your skin.

Serge: And it relies on a couple of JavaScripts.

Rick: I see, that’s very nice. I like it.

Serge: This is actually use it to do, there was a tutorial somewhere on the internet I found, I did it like this.

Rick: Yeah, well that’s a nice looking one.

Serge: The only thing is CSS.

Rick: And Dennis, to your question, I’m not sure I exactly know what you’re talking about but I was planning on creating a box here pretty soon that essentially hides the menu on the side and you can move the page either way with your finger and you can see the menu and then you can flip the page back and that you can’t see the menu. That’s something on my to do list that right now, I only have the 3 menus available as boxes. Okay, let’s see Andrea asks, if we buy the Full Integration Pack today, will we be able to upgrade to the developer option when it’s available by paying the difference?

Serge: No, there will be no difference that will be included in the Full Integration Pack. Actually, the difference between the regular pack and the developer option means like 25 bucks or so we’re not talking about 25 bucks for this.

Rick: Right. Okay, so that looks like I’ve handled all the questions.

Serge: There was a question about the core hacking of Thesis.

Rick: Yes, dive into that. Sure.

Serge: Thesis versus the new version so I just got the new version 2 days ago of Thesis. I brought through the core and actually, when I see the hack I was doing with this file, I have suggested it and dive into forums a couple of months ago and they haven’t got this hack so from next version, this file becomes official.

Rick: And so, when we go from, we won’t have to change out the template files?

Serge: Actually, yes because the naming of the product will change so the upgrade will be as following, before upgrading with Thesis 2, the next version, you create custom templates with a similar name that your core templates and your single product template. You copy the templates to those custom templates to make a kind of backup then you update your Thesis and then you reverse the copying of the templates to the new core templates created. I will make a video for that because visually, it will be much easier to understand how to do that, it will take actually 5 minutes not more.

Rick: Okay. So let’s see, I don’t see any other questions. You have a couple parting comments here Serge?

Serge: No actually, I just adore this seminar. It was a good experience for me because I’m not attending much seminars these days. I was more working and making videos.

Rick: Well, I appreciate you coming and being here to talk about it and I appreciate you giving my members a discount on the purchase of it.

Serge: With pleasure.

Rick: And I look forward to us working together more in the future.

Serge: Yes, sure.

Rick: Okay.

Serge: We’ll have some other things to do. Thanks to everyone for coming, for paying attention to this plugin. I will be developing a bit further because I like the idea of having the videos inside the admin area as tutorials. The other idea like was the design options in Thesis, we have some other options I would add in the future hopefully. Then also, next project I’m talking to going to United Kingdom who will be preparing the skins for WooCommerce powered by Thesis so that you may change the colors of the buttons and stuff like that in the kind of design options.

Rick: Excellent.

Serge: Which would be much easier than playing with Thesis and what else? Yeah and the next future project probably by summer, it will be integrating the WordPress property plugin into Thesis which is actually already done, we just need to pass the testing and some core work.

Rick: Excellent. So anyway, thank you very much everybody for joining us here today, we’ve been at it for 2 hours, I think that’s a good time to call it a day and I’m going to be taking questions on the forum so to the extent that you have questions about what to do, where to go and how to configure WooCommerce and that kind of stuff, I’ll be prepared to answer those questions and we will be starting an actual full blown course in using WooCommerce and we’ll be using Serge’s plugin in that.

Serge: Actually, Rick I would like to ask as well if I could have the access to the forum to see the questions.

Rick: Sure, of course.

Serge: So that if I have the questions in one place, I could probably develop some features.

Rick: Sure. You bet, I’ll be glad to.

Serge: Because actually, we were almost the first to use WooCommerce on Thesis. I had a couple of testing clients who already installed their websites, even my site is not the first one which is powered by WooCommerce in Thesis.

Rick: It’s always good to get somebody else to be the guinea pig so what the heck?

Rick: Okay. Goodnight everybody, thank you very much.

Serge: Cheers. Have a nice day.

Rick: Bye.

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