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MarketPress Connect for Thesis 2

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Part 1 – Thesis 2 without MarketPress Connect

Good morning everybody and welcome to this special seminar on MarketPress with Thesis 2. Today, we are going to be talking about the new collection of boxes and a package that I’ve created for integrating MarketPress with Thesis 2. I’m not going to be talking about installing MarketPress or how to use MarketPress today. I’ll be teaching about that in September. Instead I’m talking to you about these boxes and package..

Boxes and Package to Integrate MarketPress with Thesis 2

You can find these boxes here under Member Benefits and then under MarketPress for Thesis 2 and members can go ahead and download these.

As soon as I got them done, I realized that there are people out there who already have MarketPress working and want to be able to use it with Thesis 2 and so it was my decision to have this seminar on these boxes specifically so that people who already have MarketPress up and running will be able to work with it.

Why I Built These Tools

The whole landscape of eCommerce plugins with Thesis 2 has undergone fairly significant change in the last several months. Once upon a time Shopp worked pretty well with Thesis and WP eStore worked with Thesis. But with the introduction of Thesis 2, Shopp no longer worked well with Thesis and so I was on a hunt trying to find the right plugin to start teaching to use with Thesis 2.

I looked at a whole bunch of different ones and I chose MarketPress because it has the majority of the features I think that people need and want when they are constructing a typical online store and for that reason I built these tools.

Website with MarketPress but No Boxes or Package Installed

So what we’re going to be looking at today is a demonstration site that I’ve set up. This is actually the demonstration site that I used in teaching the Shopp class, actually it’s not a demonstration site but it’s the data set that we used. But in the store we are selling books and audio books and paperbacks and dvds and that kind of thing.

What you are seeing here is pretty much what the demonstration site looks like with MarketPress set up and with products created but with none of my boxes installed.

How MarketPress Displays and Sorts Products

MarketPress creates this menu item called “Store” and inside that “Store”, if you click Products, it takes you to a page that lists all of the products and from that page, you can choose to sort through product categories down. For example, the Archery category in this case or Shooting Sports category and you can also choose to order them by different things.

You can order by price with the least expensive price at the top and the most expensive price at the bottom. It also creates this Products page which is actually a custom post type and since it’s a custom post type, Thesis automatically tries to style it, tries to control it. But without help Thesis doesn’t do a very good job of it.

One of the things you can see it’s doing is it’s taking the image and it’s adding it a couple of times which is something that happens only because of the skin that we’re using here. Then down at the bottom of the content, it puts the price and the quantity and “Add to Cart”. If the product has variations like this Performance Analysis then rather than simply “Add to Cart”, it would give you the choice of variations to choose from and then set a quantity, “Add to Cart”.

Down at the bottom here it show you the categories so the product categories that had been assigned to the product. Note that all of this is down here at the bottom so the way this is working is you’ve got a title and then a product image and then the description and then all the sale items here.

Category Archive Display Issue with MarketPress and Thesis 2

In addition to that, you can have a product category page and that’s what this is. This is a list which is a widget that shows product categories and so if we go to the Archery product category page, this is where Thesis 2 and MarketPress don’t actually work that well together. In this case, it takes you to a taxonomy archive page for the product category but it doesn’t show all of the products in that category, it only shows a single product and some of them have a previous post or the next post but really, this is the place in which it actually fails.

BYOB MarketPress Connect For Thesis 2 Solves Display Issues

If you set aside the fact that the category archive pages don’t actually work properly with Thesis 2, besides that MarketPress works fairly well with Thesis 2. So I set about creating a set of boxes that would make it easier, that would give you the power of Thesis in terms of customizing the output of a page with MarketPress. The very first of those boxes is really the fundamental one and that is BYOB MarketPress Connect for Thesis 2.

Gives Control of Product Page and Product Archive Pages Thesis 2

This box hands the control of the product page and the product archive pages over to Thesis so that you can add and subtract any element from those pages that you want rather than having to have the layout that exists without that box, right?

If we look at the products, the product has a product image, the content and then all the this down here at the bottom and what will happen when we install our MarketPress Connect for Thesis 2 box, suddenly we will be able to adjust all of this information inside of the product template itself.

If we look at the product template, there’s no place in here where there’s something that says its price or anything like that. The whole reason why you saw that image twice is because I’ve got it in here as part of the standard single post template but you don’t have the choice here. You don’t have the opportunity to adjust where the price is or anything like that, that automatically happens for you. So what we’re going to do then is take control of that by installing this box.

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