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MarketPress Connect for Thesis 2 – Part 6 – Using the BYOB Archive Results Filter Box

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The next box I want to show you for MarketPress and Thesis 2 is the Archive Results Filter. This is not something that is specific only to MarketPress. This can be used by really anytime that you’ve got archives you want to filter by a different taxonomy.

In this case, what we’re doing is we are showing our standard archive page, those are all of our products with that product category. This filter will let us sort all of them or will let us display all of the products that have specific manufacturer in a specific category. We’re going to save that box and we’ll come back over to our archive page again, this really only works on archive pages.

Add the BYOB Archive Results Filter Box

Here we are on our archive page and we’ll come down here and add that box, Archive Results Filter. We’ll just call it Filter. Essentially what this lets you do is filter the results of any taxonomy by any other taxonomy. In this case, we’ll just drag Filter to Main Content Column and move it down below Sort.

Filter Products by Manufacturer Example

I’m selecting the taxonomy that I want to sort by so I could sort this category by product tag, I could sort it by category or post tag. I’m going to sort it by manufacturer and I’m going to include this little piece of text here that says, Filter by Manufacturer but you can put anything you want.That’s my little intro text, save the template.

Filter by Manufacturer and then I can select from this list. I have All, I have Acme and I have Mainway Toys. So I can look at all of the products under Archery that are manufactured by Mainway Toys. Let’s save that template and come over here and do it this way, the select dropdown doesn’t work as well in the canvass.

Back to Mainway Toys. If there aren’t any, it’s not going to display any results, right? So right now there are only two that are by Mainway Toys. If you go to Acme, there’s only one that is by Acme. If we go to All, again it’ll show all of the products. So this lets you choose the taxonomy that your user can choose to filter by.

Filter the Results by Custom Taxonomy Example

Now, we don’t have to do it by this custom taxonomy we called Manufacturer. We could do it by product tag, you could say show me all the products that are tagged a certain way. So I’ve got these tagged as Mental and tagged as Pageantry. If I select Pageantry and hit filter, nothing is going to show up because, of course, there’s nothing under Archery that is tagged Pageantry.

It’s also possible for us to sort this by the same taxonomy. If you’re using multiple product categories for a given product, you could choose to sort this by product category instead and then you could say, show me all of those under Archery that are also categorized as Universally Applicable. So that’s what we’ve got now.

Show me all of those under Archery that are also under say, Youth and interestingly, it’s the same list. Show me all that are under Archery that are also in Bowling and actually, it is the same list because this Universally Applicable list also exists in each of these other categories.

Really, what this does is it allows you to give your user the chance to filter their results by any other given taxonomy whether it’s product categories, product tags or custom taxonomy like Manufacture that you’ve created yourself.

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