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MarketPress Connect for Thesis 2 – Part 7 – Using the BYOB Taxonomy Terms List with MarketPress

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The last box for MarketPress and Thesis 2 I’m going to demonstrate is like the BYOB Archive Results Filter, that is it’s not really a box that is specific to MarketPress. This is a box that works anytime you would use custom taxonomies and it’s the BYOB Taxonomy Terms List box. It allows you to display the custom taxonomies assigned to a post, page or custom post type.

Add the BYOB Taxonomy Terms List Box

Let’s come over here and activate that box. Take a look at our standard post box, it has this thing called Categories and Tags. You can add intro text and a separator character and span and that sort of thing which is exactly what this box does except it does it for custom taxonomies.

I’m going to drag up this BYOB Taxonomy Terms List. This is really only useful in the products template although that could be useful in our archive template too I guess.

Display Product Categories Example

If we come down here, we can take this Terms box, shift+drag it into the Single Post Box, drag it to below Content and then select the taxonomy you want it to show which in this case, is product category, that’s what I’m going to show.

We’ll add the intro text as “Product Category” and “Categorized as:” space and then the separator, space. You can have an intro text, a separator and a closing text if you want. Let’s save this products template, scroll down here to the bottom, Categorized as: Archery, Bowling, Dog Sports, Golf, Rifle, Shooting Sports, Skeet, Sporting. That’s what that does, is that it places that list of taxonomy terms at the bottom of the product. In this case, it’s categorized as Rifle and Shooting Sports.

This can really be used for anything. If you’ve got a custom post type called Movies and you’ve got a custom taxonomy called Directors, you could easily use this box to display the director or actors. Let’s say you’ve got recipes, you could use this to display ingredients list.

Really, this can be used to display any kind of custom taxonomy that’s assigned to any kind of custom post type or regular post type or whatever. It’s not specifically designed for MarketPress, this can be used in any context, but it’s particularly useful for online stores like this.

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