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How to Completely Remove Thesis 2.1 from your Database

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Sometimes it is essential (especially in troubleshooting) to completely remove Thesis 2.1 from your site and reinstall it from scratch.  Unlike most themes, simply uninstalling Thesis and deleting it doesn’t delete the settings it stores in the database.  In this seminar I demonstrate how to completely remove Thesis so you can reinstall it as if it were installed for the very first time.  Think of it like the Madonna treatment… “Kissed for the very first time…”

Reorganize File Structure

  • When you have an inexplicable error and all else fails
  • When you have persistent but not consistent errors
  • To Start Thesis with a clean slate

Troubleshooting Steps

  • Where does the problem lie?
    • Is the problem due to your browser?
      • Make sure the problem exists in a variety of browsers
  • Is the problem due to a plugin?
    • Deactivate all plugins – if the problem goes away then it is a plugin problem
    • If the problem doesn’t go away:
      • Check to see if there are any caching plugins that add files
      • If there are, delete those files
        • If the problem goes away – then it was the caching plugin
      • If there aren’t, then the problem isn’t with a plugin
    • Leave all plugins deactivated
  • Is the problem due to the theme?
    • Switch to the default WordPress Theme – if the problem goes away then it is a problem with the theme
    • If the problem doesn’t go away then it is a problem with WordPress
  • Is the problem due to WordPress?
    • if the problem persists with no plugins and the default WordPress theme then the problem is with WordPress.
  • When you determine that the problem is with Thesis
    • Backup the Site – download
    • Deactivate all boxes
    • Activate Classic Responsive
    • Check Custom Code
    • If it is none of these then the problem may be in the database

Collect the necessary information

  • Thesis boxes
  • Packages
  • Skins
  • Custom Code

Deactivate all Thesis – and delete it.

  • Backup Skin Data
  • Export Skin Data
  • Deactivate all boxes & Packages
  • Deactivate Thesis
  • Delete Thesis

How to Determine the Correct Database to Edit

Open & Backup the Database

  • PHPMy Admin
  • Select the correct database
  • Download the full database

Identify the Relevant Tables

  • Do a full search

Search For the Thesis Data

  • Go to the wp-options table
    • Search the option-name
    • Delete=
  • Go to the wp-postmeta
    • Search the postmeta name
    • Consider deleting
  • Go to the thesis-backups table
    • Search
    • Consider deleting

Reinstall Thesis and Test

  • Install Clean Copy of Thesis
  • Test
  • Activate Skin
  • Restore from backup
  • Test
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