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How to Completely Remove Thesis 2.1 from your Database – Part 5 – How to Determine the Correct Database to Edit

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Now that we’ve done everything we can do inside of our dashboard deactivating all Thesis related boxes, packages and skins, the next thing we’re going to do is open up the database.

This is not a good example of having to figure out which database you want to open so I’m going to give you another example here because I want to cover briefly how to choose which database to open.

On this BYOB Tutorial hosting account, I have many many websites. And in fact, if we look at subdomains here, you can see I have all of these different subdomains for BYOB Tutorial where we’ll try and find the database. So, cPanel. If we come over here, go to phpMyAdmin and look at my databases. We’ve got all of these databases and most of them have these “wrd” names so we can’t really tell by the name of them which one it is.

Open wp_config File

So what you need to do is you need to open up your wp_config file so from inside of your File Manager, go to your public_html file and go to nextgen here. So here’s a domain I use for demonstrating how to use NextGen. So if I want to know what database it was, I would open it up and then it would come down to the wp_config and select edit and you can see that the database name is “byobtuto_wrd24”, right?

If I want to edit this database, this is what I’d be looking for, “wrd24”. So over here then, “wrd24” that is the database for that website. So that’s how you figure out which database it is you need to do this in.

Now we are going to open up the database and back it up.

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