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How to Completely Remove Thesis 2.1 from your Database – Part 7 – Identify the Relevant Tables

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So with the entire database open, you want to come over here and choose Search because what we’re going to do right now is identify the relevant tables. That is, only a handful of these tables have Thesis related stuff in them so we may as well just narrow those tables down.

So we’re going to come over here to Search and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to select All for all of the database tables, select All and we’re just going to search for Thesis.

All lowercase, at least one of the words and we’ll hit Go. It shows that there are 16 matches inside of wp_options, 76 matches under wp_postmeta and 5 matches under wp_thesis_backup.

Okay, so we have 3 database tables to consider while we’re working on this, okay. So now we need to search for this Thesis related data.

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