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How to Completely Remove Thesis 2.1 from your Database – Part 6 – Open & Backup the Database

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So now that you know how to identify the correct database to edit, we’ll look at Steve’s case here. He has the databases named in a way that makes it easy to identify the correct database so we don’t actually have to go through that process.

Open the Database

We’re going to open up the right database here and this is HostGator. Inside the HostGator control panel we’ll scroll down here to again, phpMyAdmin and when phpMyAdmin loads, it starts off by showing you all of your databases.

Now, the database we’re interested in is this _allusivecollections. When we click on _allusivecollections, up pops the database for this website. You can see these are all the database tables that this website is using.

Now, this is not using WP eStore. It’s probably going to want to come along and delete all of those. And if it’s not using this wp_rg_form, we should probably delete these also because this is data that’s extraneous. But in this case, we’re not going to worry about that beyond just acknowledging that these are all the database tables in its database.

Download and Export the Database

Before we do anything we are going to download a copy of this database and so we’ll come over here to Export and we’re just going to use the Quick Export in SQL format. Hit Go and that just downloaded or is in the process of downloading the full database.

This way if I mess anything up, all I have to do is come and reupload this database back into here and it will bring it back to its original condition. So always make sure you export a database copy of it to your own computer before you go about making a change like this.

Now we need to identify the relevant tables, that is tables with Thesis related information.

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