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How to Completely Remove Thesis 2.1 from your Database – Part 9 – Reinstall Thesis and Test

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We are done searching for the Thesis data so let’s come back over here now to our site and go over to Appearance and Themes. And there is no Thesis here.

Download a Clean Copy of Thesis

The site still works just fine so now we’re going to install Thesis. I’m installing Thesis 2 from a clean copy of Thesis that I recently downloaded. I know my copy of Thesis is fine because I’ve installed from it before.

If you were the original installer you would not want to reinstall any copy of the Thesis file you’ve already tried, right? That means you should delete any copy of Thesis you have from your computer and then download a fresh copy.

I don’t need to do that myself because I know my copy is fine but you might have a glitch in your copy and so now would be a good time to download a fresh copy. Make sure you’ve deleted all the old copies, download a fresh copy and install it.

Install and Activate Thesis

I’m going to to say Install Themes. We’re going to upload, choose a file and let’s do it by name, thesis. Install it now, activate it, I’m not going to update to 2.1.4 yet, I’m going to go to my Allusive Collections page. There we go, that worked. And let’s go to Other Labels, no and it failed, Allusive Collections.

Check the Site

Okay, so I’m going to come back over here and take a quick glance at my WP Loop settings. Settings and Reading. So instead of 5 Richard I suggest we set it at 1, 0, 1. Then we’ll just move over here to our Manage Skins. No, we still have a broken image, why would we still have a broken image? Let’s see if that image is just being cached.

Troubleshoot Image Problem

Yeah, see that image is still broken. Let’s just make sure there’s nothing in wp_config that would be doing this. No, there’s no special setting here so then let’s go to wp_content, themes, thesis. Oh that’s right because in fact, we did not replace Thesis Classic.

Okay, I’m going to try your suggestion here for just a minute, Richard. I want to come over to the Skin Editor, I’m going to go to my Archive template, I’m going to set my WP Loop to 10, I’m going to save it. I’m going to come back over and look at it again. It’s set at 10, let’s try Product Categories template, set at 10 yeah, it didn’t solve it.

You know, we’re going to just do this one more time because to tell you the truth I don’t believe so. We’re going to take themes, we are going to activate Twenty Thirteen, delete 2.1 and in this case, I’m going to delete one other thing in 2.1 and that is Classic Responsive. So open up thesis and skins and classic-r. Well, I guess you can’t delete files out of here so we’re going to do it from inside of Hostgator. Go to File Manager, actually I’m right here on another tab so thesis, skins, classic-r, delete, okay?

Problem with the WordPress Settings

Then we’re going to come back over to the phpMyAdmin again and under _allusivecollections we will go to wp_options. We’ll search option name like Thesis, go, check all and holy smokes. Note how this is not sticking to 1 even though I set it to 1 in WordPress?

Let’s see, let’s go to the Other Labels one, that is not actually staying at 1 even though I told it to be 1. So, let’s come over here to Settings and Reading, let’s set it to 6, come over to Products and Store Settings, Presentation. Let’s see, Paginate Products and let’s make it 6. Refresh this, and it is entirely ignoring that.

The one that’s governed by the shopping cart is working just fine but the one that is governed by WordPress is not. So in fact, it seems to me like we probably have a WordPress problem and not a Thesis problem but I’m going to finish this anyway.

So back to Search, Option value, Like and then we’ll put Thesis in there. Go to that and we’ll delete all those. I’m going to delete this one this time and I’m going to delete all of these, actually I’m going to delete everything. Okay so now, I’m going to try that one more time, I’m going to try this in Reading here one more time and then make it 5, save changes.

No, it’s not working there. Okay, that was what we didn’t notice before. We did not notice that the settings here were not affecting the number of posts that are shown outside of Thesis but we’re going to give this one more try and then we’re going to admit it wasn’t the Thesis problem.

So we’ll come back over here to Appearance and Themes and we will install themes and we’ll upload them and we’ll choose, install it, activate it, let’s see what it looks like. Okay, so that is not causing the problem, it’s not a Thesis database problem, it’s some other problem.

This doesn’t make any sense either though. How can this be broken now when I just installed a clean copy of it? A clean copy is not broken. If it’s not it, I’m not quite sure why that happened. Let’s see, can I download it? No, that’s not going to do it for me.

This doesn’t make any sense though because the one that I uploaded, let’s take another look at the one that I always upload. Okay, so there it is, let’s look at the preview of this , okay that’s the screenshot of Thesis, lib, skins, classic-r, let’s see open with Snagit Editor so that’s what it looks like so something is killing it.

This is what it looks like when it gets uploaded, this is what it looks like by the time it gets installed so something is munching files. I don’t think that it’s related, it didn’t mess with this one or that one. I believe these are essentially the same thing. Yeah, screenshot.png so there’s no apparent reason why this image get messed up. Well, there’s definitely something wrong here. Okay, what we were attempting to do was solve a problem that we thought existed because of the skin.

Actually, we’re going to try this one more time just in case I wasn’t looking at exactly the same page. Come back over to Appearance and Themes, we’ll activate Twenty Thirteen, we’ll refresh this one and it’s showing 2, 4, 6. Okay, now it is working.

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