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How to Completely Remove Thesis 2.1 from your Database – Part 8 – Search for the Thesis Data

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Once we know what tables we want to work on, we can come back over here and click on the structure. Anytime you click on structure it brings up the whole database.

Open wp_options Table

The first thing we’ll do is open up the wp_options table. And you just open it by clicking it, okay? So now, when we look in it we are only looking at the wp_options table not the entire database.

Search for an Option Name

And again we’re going to search but what we’re going to do is search option name, not option id or option value but option name.Pick the light with the percent (%) symbols on either side and type in Thesis. What this does is it says look for wildcard so you don’t have to know the exact name of the option, all you have to do is say essentially wrap Thesis in wildcards and search them.

We’re going to say go to that and you can see that it says that there were 9 rows of data or 9 entries in the options table for Thesis options. And that’s the theme_mods_thesis, thesis_db_upgrade, thesis_skin, thesis_classic_r_boxes, classic_r_templates, classic_r_vars, classic_r_css and then thesis_terms.

Why Delete the Options Stored for the Boxes?

Now, what we’re going to do is check them all and then we’re going to say delete. It’s going to say “Do you really want to do this?” and we’ll say yes. Now, one of the reasons why we went to look at all of the other stuff, why we went looking for boxes and skins, not just Thesis is because we want to also consider deleting all of the options that are stored for our boxes.

We don’t actually have to do that because we deactivated all of our boxes and the problem didn’t go away. So deleting the box options isn’t going to do anything but while we’re here, we might as well at least search for the BYOB related options.

Again that’s searching the option name with the Like percents and we say BYOB and then search for it. Here, you can see there are 17 total entries that’s carta_nude_boxes, interesting that there are 2 sets of carta_nude_boxes. No, carta_nude, agility_nude, agility_nude_templates, agility_nude_variables, css, design, display, transients, byobagn_options, agility_nude_custom_css, marketppress_product_list_style and then our Carta stuff.

I think probably we don’t need to delete this but we could choose to delete this if we wished. So what the heck, I’m going to delete all of the stuff related to the skin that we’re doing so all of the BYOB Agility and then the transients, I think that’s what we’ll delete here. Okay, so we got rid of all of those things.

Search for wp_postmeta

Now, remember we found other tables and the other table that we looked at was wp_postmeta. So if we come back over here under wp_postmeta and go to search and now we’re going to search for meta key. Again, we’re using the Like percent and it’s Thesis and hit go.

We have 76 entries in the database that referenced Thesis but they’re all Thesis post images and that seems very, very unlikely that Thesis post image and thumbnail postmeta is going to have anything whatsoever to do with our problem.

In fact, we’re just going to leave these things alone, we’re not going to do anything with them but now at least we know that in the postmeta table, everything that was related to Thesis was Thesis post image or Thesis post thumbnail.

Search wp_thesis_backups

We want another section and that was wp_thesis_backups and you can see that we have 4 different backups. We have the backup that we just did, right? It was named “Prior to attempting to fix post per page issue” and then we have these other automatic backups.

Now, we’re not going to delete these either. I can’t see any reason for deleting the backups because they don’t really interact with the behavior so we’re going to leave those in place also.

What we are Deleting from the Database

So what we’ve decided is to only delete the Thesis database related to wp_options and actually, we’ve succeeded doing that, right? If we come back over here to the main database and click on the database name up here and then come over to our search and now if we search all for Thesis and hit go, the postmeta is all there is.

There are 4 matches left inside of wp_options and we’ve got the Thesis backups. If we browse those 4 instances, we have carta_nude_template, carta_nude_boxes, we have a transient feed and we have recently added it. Because it was not in the option name I think we’re going to leave it alone for the time being but I think I will delete this transient feed, okay. So we’ve deleted all the data out of the database.

Our final step is going to be to reinstall Thesis and test to see if the problem has gone away.

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