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Skin Management in 2.0.1

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This seminar covers the aspects of skin management in Thesis 2.0.1. We show how to install and preview a skin and how to use the skin selector interface. Then we talk about how to update a skin and what the updates do. From there we show how to use the skin manager to backup, restore, export and import skin data. And finally, how to copy and export a full skin using our BYOB Thesis 2 Skin Copier plugin.

How to install a skin

  • Download it from a source
    • Nude360
    • Lesson skin
  • Upload and install
  • Make active

How to Preview a Skin

  • What does Preview mean?
    • admin preview views
      • canvas
      • View your site
    • user view
  • Switch to preview mode
  • Work flow
    • This works when you are working on a second skin
    • Work on your site without messing it up for users.

The Skin Selector Interface

  • 4 Parts of the interface
  • Upload/update
  • Preview skin
  • Current skin
  • Installed skins

How to Update a Skin

  • What Skins can you update?
  • What does update do?
  • Update
  • Test

Skin Manager – Backup and Export Skin Data

  • Skin Name – skin specific
  • Backup skin data
    • What is skin data?
      • template configurations
      • boxes
      • packages
      • custom css
    • What isn’t skin data?
      • skin files
      • images
      • external boxes and packages
    • Create an initial backup

Skin Manager – Import and Restore Skin Data

  • Restore skin data
  • Export Customization
    • Create a backup
    • export it
  • Import Skin Data
    • Note that this over writes the existing data
    • cannot cross skins
  • Restore Defaults
    • This only works for DIY Themes skins
    • your solution – create an immediate backup

How to Copy and Export a Full Skin

  • Install the plugin
  • List of skins that can’t be copied
  • Copy the skin
    • Select a skin from the list
    • Name
    • Author
    • Description
    • class
  • Skin Selector
    • Create zip file
  • Download the zip file
  • Install it on an existing site
  • Limitations – Doesn’t copy custom code
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