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Thesis 2.0.1 Skin Management

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Part 1 – How to Install a Skin

Good morning everybody today I’m going to show you all of the new Skin Management features in Thesis 2.0.1. I’m also going to demonstrate how to copy a skin using my plugin that I’ve just finished creating and have posted on the site. So let’s just dive right into that and get started.

Come over here to Lesson 1. This is a Thesis 2.0 site that I’ve been working on in the course of a class. If we come on over to the dashboard here for a second and go to the Thesis menu, the very first part of skin management actually is this Select Skin screen.

Download the Skin

The first thing we’re going to look at with this select skin is how to install the skin. And really, the first step in installing a skin is downloading one for yourself to use. I’ve downloaded this one from Nude960, and he’s got this free skin that you can download and that’s the one that I’m going to install at the moment.

There is also a skin that can be downloaded but is not yet complete. It’s the Lesson 2 skin in the Responsive Child Theme class. If we come over here to Lesson 2 and click on Download Lesson 2 Practice Files, what I’m really doing is downloading the skin from Lesson 2 and we can install this as well.

Upload and Activate the Skin

Anyway, here we are in our skin section and the way you install skin is to upload it first so we just choose the file that we want to upload and these files are zip files. If you’ve got something that’s not a zip file then you’re not going to install it this way. There are also data files that can be used, we’ll talk about that in a few minutes but that’s not what this is here. We’re looking for Nude960 and just add the skin.

If it works, it’s going to tell you the skin was successfully installed so we can just go ahead and close that and now you can see this Nude960 skin is here. If we want to activate it and make it the active skin, all we have to do is press the Activate Skin button and it has become the active skin.

Let’s come over and look at our site, now this site has turned from that Blue skin that we had going on there to this Nude960 skin. That’s how you install the skin in Thesis 2.

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