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Thesis 2.0.1 Skin Management Part 2 – How to Preview a Skin

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The next thing you can do from this in Thesis 2 is preview a skin. You see this blue button that says, Preview Skin in Development Mode? Well, when you click on this, what it does is it makes the skin that you are previewing the active skin for the administrator but not for anybody else.

Preview Skin in Development Mode

For example, if we just look at the skin for the same site in Firefox where I’m not logged in, we go to Lesson 1. It’s still going to be showing the skin that we’ve just installed but if we come over to the site where we’re working in development mode and refresh the view here as logged in administrator, we see it looking like this because this is the skin that’s in preview mode.

So if you are logged in as the administrator, the previous skin is the skin you’re going to see. Any changes you make to the preview skin are not going to affect the actual active skin, you’re only be changing the preview skin with changes that you make here.

Let’s come on over to our skin editor, the canvass that pops up of course is the skin that we’re previewing, not the skin that is active.

Now, if you want to come in here and say make a change to the site title link. Let’s change the link text color to yellow. Now you can see that it has changed over here in our canvass but naturally, even if we refresh this, it won’t have changed in the actual live skin and that’s really what this preview skin option is for.

Workflow of a Skin in Preview Mode

A typical workflow for that would be where you have one skin that’s the current skin and another skin that you want to change or edit. Obviously, you can’t change a skin that is active in development mode, it has to be a different skin.

If you’re going to try to make changes to your existing skin in Thesis 2, the skin that’s currently active, this Preview in Development Mode doesn’t work for you. However, you can always use the tool I’m going to demonstrate here in a few minutes to make a copy of your existing skin, rename it and then install that copy. You can then use that installed copy as the new skin that you’re updating and leave the current skin in its current condition.

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