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Thesis 2.0.1 Skin Management Part 4 – How to Update a Thesis 2 Skin

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You see this thing here that says, Update Skins? So, how do you update a skin in Thesis 2? Well, the first question to ask is really, what skins can you update?

What Skins Can You Update

Currently, from this green button, the only skins you can update are skins that are published by DIY themes. So if you uploaded Nude960, that’s not a skin that can be updated using this Update Skins button and neither is the sample skin on my site. Those skins are going to have to use some other kind of a procedure to update.

Now, in the future, I understand that Thesis will be allowing other skin developers to connect up to this Update Skins button so if they have updates that need to be made, their updates can be made here too. But for the time being, the only skins you’re going to update in Thesis 2.0.1 are skins that are published by DIY themes.

What Does Update Mean?

Update really means that it’s going to bring the skin up to the latest programming standards of the skin. However, what it doesn’t do is change any settings that you’ve already made. For example, let’s go ahead and activate the Thesis Classic Skin and let’s go edit it.

A Thesis Classic Skin Example

In the Thesis Classic Skin, I think what we’ll do here is change the background. We’re going to give it a background color of yellow then we’re going to give it a background image but first, I have to upload an image. Choose a file then we’ll upload that one. Add that image, we’ve got a copy of it so we’ll come over to our CSS, back to the body and add the background image. Now save it. This is what the skin now looks like in its un-updated state so we better save that CSS so it stays that way.

Now that the CSS is saved, let’s go back over here to Thesis and Select Skin. If we click Update Skins, it’s going to update this Thesis Classic Skin but it’s not going to change that background definition. So, “Yes! The skin update was a ravishing success!”, “Click here to finish!”. Now it’s updated, there is no longer an update skin here.

Let’s come back over to the skin editor and go over to CSS for a second, come back over to the body, lo and behold, those settings are still there.

Saving the Template and the CSS

If we look at the view, it’s still there and if we refresh this view, it’s not still there. Why do you suppose it’s not still there? Because there’s something that we haven’t done that you need to do when you update a Thesis 2 skin and that is, you actually have to save the CSS which is why you can see it here. You can see the changes here because this doesn’t require the CSS to be saved. This is the canvass so the canvass shows the state prior to saving.

This shows the current saved state and so what we really have to do is come over and save CSS, we’ll save the template, refresh this and now, it looks like it’s supposed to look. This has tripped people up a bit because they update the skin and they expect it to be different and it isn’t. That’s just because you need to save the template and save the CSS in order for that update to work.

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