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Thesis 2.0.1 Skin Management Part 6 – Skin Manager – Import and Restore Skin Data

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For this part of the skin management in Thesis 2, let’s go over to lesson2.thesisresponsiveskin. Now, sitting here in Thesis, I’m going to select the Thesis Classic Skin, go to the skin editor and change the background color here to a light blue. The background color for the skin has been changed to light blue and that is the state of the Thesis Classic Skin on the Lesson 2 site.

Importing Skin Data

We’ve downloaded the state of the Classic Skin from the Lesson 1 site. So let’s come over here to manager, we can import skin data, choose the file and in this case, what we’re looking for is that, thesis-classic-2012-10-31-16-19.txt. It’s a text document, I can open that up and import that data.

Note that you’ll get exactly the same warning here, “Are you sure you want to do this? If you import from a skin file, you’ll lose the current state of your skin”. We’re going to say, okay to this recognizing that when we imported, every change we made to the original classic skin is gone and the imported skin is what we got. But notice how there are no background images here.

Add Background Images

The reason is, of course, because it only restores backups and restores skin data. It does not backup and restore images. If we want to add that image here, we still have to come back to the image manager and choose a file. We’ll select the paw background pattern, add that image and come back over to CSS.

Now, I think that should be working right. Let’s look at our options, our background. Okay so we’ve got that now so all we really need to do is bring the image or images into the site then they will be applied. That’s the way you can rapidly deploy the same styles that you create in one place to another website.

How the Import Skin Data System Works

Now I’m going to be showing you how to do the same thing except really create a zip file that you can add using the upload skins which will also copy all the image files and everything else so that’s going to be coming up. But in terms of this process of import skin data, create a new backup, restore, export, delete, that’s how those things work. It’s also important to note that these only work within the same skin.

For example, you can’t import all of those things to Thesis Blank, you couldn’t import them to my Blue Masters skin, you can’t import Blue Masters into Thesis Classic. This Import Skin Data system only works when the skin, class names and some other special codes are exactly the same. That is the limitation here, you can’t import other skin information into a given skin.

How Restore Default Works

Now, the last thing I want to show you here is this Restore Default. You remember when we upgraded the skin, it didn’t change our customization, it just upgraded the rest of the stuff for the skin. Restoring default will totally trash any changes that you have made – period – to the skin and restore it all the way back to its default condition.

Currently, this Restore Default only works for Thesis Classic. But you’ll see this Restore Default data in every skin. It may be the case that the new skins released by DIY Themes may also be able to hook into this but currently, none of the DIY Theme developers can tie into this. This isn’t that big a deal really because all you have to do is when you install the skin is to create a new backup immediately. Then you’ll have all the default information there anyway and you can always just restore from that default backup.

Restore Default Example

In this case, what we’re going to do is say, Restore Default. Say okay to that, come down here to save the template. Let’s go back over to CSS and save the CSS and here we are back to our default Thesis Classic. If you want to do something similar to that with the regular skin, you could come over to that skin. Let’s select the skin, let’s go back to Nude and activate that skin.

The very first thing to do when you activate the skin is go to the Skin Editor, go to Manager and create a new backup and you can just call this the Original Default. Once you’ve done that, you could even export it just to make sure you hang on to it. Once you’ve done that, you have the original starting point and anytime you need to get back to it, all you have to do is restore that.

The absence of Restore Default for the Nude960 skin isn’t really important as long as when you install the skin, the very first thing you do is create a new backup. When you have a new backup, if you need to get back to it, you can just always come back to this original setup.

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