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Thesis 2.0.1 Skin Management Part 3 – The Thesis 2 Skin Selector Interface

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Let’s go back to that skin selector interface in Thesis 2. And now that we have installed the skin and we are previewing the skin, the interface really has 4 main parts.

Four Main Parts of the Skin Selector Interface

It has the part up here where you can update skins and upload skins. Then it shows you the preview skin which of course is the skin you’re previewing. It shows you the active or the current skin, that’s what it calls it, then it shows you the installed skins.

These installed skins aren’t current, they’re not being used, they’re just there and available. To the extent that you want that you want to switch around, all you have to do is either preview the skin in development mode or activate the skin. Those are the main 4 parts of this skin selector interface in Thesis 2.

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