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How to Style Typical Links in Agility 3.2

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We have now looked at how to style typical headings in Agility 3.2 and typical paragraphs. Next we are going to look at how you style typical links in the Agility Skin.

Again, you have the typical font styles available. Let’s go down to the typical link style. Here you can choose link decoration, that’s what text decoration is. So you have the choice of underline, overline and line through.

This blink option isn’t working anymore. I’ll take that out but in the meantime just ignore that option. It no longer make any sense because browsers are not supporting blink now.

What I generally do is either I have a strong contrasting color for my link text or I underline it. The default here is no underline for the link text but an underline shows up under the hover text.

Again, you can choose the link color and you can choose the hover color or you can enter your own custom colors if you wish.

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