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How to Style Page Titles in Agility 3.2

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Next up in this lesson on Styling Agility 3.2 for the Thesis theme 2 is how to style page titles. Just like we did for typical paragraph text, you style page titles by coming over here to the typical font styles. Then you scroll down here to the page titles option.

Page titles are a little different because sometimes a page title is a link. This is a page title but so is this, right? And so this typical page title actually applies to both cases.

You choose a font family and if you want a different font size you can choose a font size. If you change the font family it’s going to change the font size based on that font family unless you specify a size. Again, for the ones that aren’t links you can choose your color.

You also have these additional font style options again just like the regular headings do. But then it also has this link text decoration and hover decoration just like the links did. It also has a link color and a hover color just like the links did.

Now you’re starting to see those patterns come together. So if it’s not a link it takes this color and if it is a link it takes these colors.

If you don’t specify anything then it automatically takes the color of the text and the links automatically take the color of the links. And that’s how you set page titles.

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