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How to Style Typical Paragraph Text in Agility 3.2

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How do you style the typical paragraph text in Agility 3.2? Well, the first thing to say is this is the typical paragraph text. It’s the content inside in a page. Here’s an example on this page, this is the typical paragraph text.

Where to Find the Styles

So, how do you style this text? You style that text by coming over here to typical font styles and going to paragraph text. Paragraph text does not offer you a font family because a font family was defined in the typical text font family.

Available Styling

If you want a larger font size, you can set a larger font size. If you want a different color from the default color, you can set the font color here or enter your own color.

The typical paragraph font has fewer font style options than most because you’re not going to use any of those other styles in a typical paragraph font. For example, you probably don’t want to use the bold in here because if your typical paragraph font is bold then you’re shouting at everybody.

The same thing is true in font style and text align. I put them in there because some people may want to have that kind of control or may want to do that unusual things with their paragraphs. In general, I wouldn’t use these in the typical paragraph.

If you change your font size, this will automatically recalculate padding and margin and all that sort of thing based on that font size. If you don’t like the margin paragraphs have, by definition they only have bottom margin, you can change the margin here if you want less or if you want more.

It will calculate this bottom margin based on this font size if you don’t set something different. It will calculate this line height automatically based on this font size.

Display Depends on Content Area Size

I started off by showing you where those settings exist. This is a typical paragraph and then this is also a typical paragraph. Note how they are different sizes. That’s because of the size of the content area that they’re in.

Typically you’re only going to have these content paragraphs inside of two main areas. The first is the content column which has a specific width that we already set and the other is in one of these full width areas like the one on the front page.

So what this does is it takes the size that you set for the typical content and then it uses golden ratio typography to change that size. It increases the size for the full width view – you don’t actually have a place to set the full width sizes. You just set the typical content width size and the Skin handles the full width size for you.

And that’s how the typical paragraph font works. You’re setting the typical content size and the full width size gets automatically calculated for you.

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