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How to style Typical Post Date in Agility 3.2 – Secondary Text

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Now we are going to take a look at how you style the typical post date and other secondary text in Agility Skin 3.2 for Thesis Theme 2. It’s this little date that’s down here. But it’s not just a date it’s also this whole section of code including categories.

That can all be styled in the secondary font section which, as with everything else we’ve been styling, is found under typical font styles. So come down here to secondary font and you can see that it has the ordinary font set up of font family, font size and font color.

You can change its font style options although you don’t have some of the weirder style options. You have font-weight, font style and text align. You can also customize the margin and in that case you’ve got a little bit of bottom margin that you can adjust.

Now bear in mind that when you say, you change the skin color on this as I just did. Well, let’s close that come back over and save font options. You can see that doesn’t change the link colors, it just changes the text color. The link color is still governed by the typical links.

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